Elderly Immigrants

Don’t Fumble; Ask for Help

Liberals tell us that they can’t maintain health care because of the costs of supporting an aging population. Part of the problem is people from the rest of Canada coming to BC to retire. It is unfair BC should have to bear the high medical costs of these newcomers all alone.

We must prod the Liberal MLAs (Member of the Legislative Assemblies) and MPs (Member of Parliaments) to ask Ottawa for additional funds.

In a similar way Campbell tells us we cannot afford to shelter the homeless. Part of the problem is homeless people have come here from the colder parts of Canada because they have a better chance of surviving the winter here.

We must prod the Liberal MLAs and MPs to ask Ottawa for funds to shelter these newcomers.

But really what the Liberals mean is they would sooner see the elderly go without health care than end the tax holiday for the rich.

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