Campbell: fool or crook?

Crook or Fool?

Campbell has been selling off BC’s assets at half their market value. Is he a fool or a crook? Let’s take a look.

Campbell sold off two near new ferries for far less than market value, less even than the best bid.

Now he is buying two new ferries at full price, when he could have refitted the fast ferries as ordinary ferries for a fraction the cost.

Campbell sold off BC Rail at half market value.

Campbell is privatizing medical care, claiming it will save money. How can it? The private provider needs to make a profit in addition to providing the service. The public provider puts all the money into services. It is a just a way to disguise cuts in service, while making the cuts even bigger than they need be.

I don’t think Campbell is a fool. I think he is improperly playing Santa Claus to those who donated generously to his campaign. With his overwhelming majority, Campbell can skulk away any time Joy McPhail asks embarrassing questions. As Mulroney would say, Is this a great country or what?

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