Campbell’s Incompetence

Campbell is Bad For Business

Gordon Campbell campaigned that because he was a businessman he was much better at managing an economy than the soft-hearted NDP (New Democratic Party).

He has had ample time to show his stuff. What’s the result?

BC’s economy is performing the worst in Canada, worse even than Newfoundland.

He sold off the province’s family silver at pennies on the dollar. I am referring to BC Hydro, BC Rail and the fast ferries.

Even though he has been slashing services and jobs, he still is racking up the biggest deficit in BC history.

I think we have given him sufficient time to prove his incompetence. I presume the Liberal party plans to dump him just prior to the next election, but who will then believe that all the province’s troubles were Campbell’s fault when the Liberal caucus meekly went along for the ride, rubber stamping his every bone-headed move.

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