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Wish List For The World


This is my list of wishes for the world. Most of my life I have considered these absolute necessities. Now, I see that, like a child’s Christmas wish for a pony, it is highly unlikely to materialise. These will only happen when enough other people want them too.

The List

  1. New technology helps people see the world through each other’s eyes and communicate more rapidly. People start to see themselves not as isolated individuals, but as part of a planetary whole, that includes all life on earth. As a result, they start thinking globally and acting locally. It becomes unthinkable to suboptimise locally at the expense of the big picture.
  2. The oil and coal companies suddenly get it that they are in the energy business, not in the business of creating CO₂ as fast as possible from the earth’s remaining supply of fossil carbon fuels. Encouraged with special tax breaks, they start researching very heavily in dozens of new clean technologies. Fusion finally becomes reality. Global warming is brought under control.
  3. The American federal government decides to make those who pollute pay enough to make it worth their while to stop polluting. They mandate more fuel efficient cars. They heavily tax gas guzzlers. They make it such a bureaucratic nightmare to get a permit that nobody buys an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). People just rent them when they need them rather than using them for commuting to work.
  4. The United Nations declares that all species have an inherent right to exist without molestation, not just humans. All over the world countries set up sufficient pristine habitat to sustain our global biodiversity.
  5. It becomes illegal to confine animals for slaughter indoors in cages. They must be given free range and slaughtered humanely.
  6. It is recognised that cetaceans are fellow intelligent creatures and as such killing them constitutes murder, with the same investigations and penalties as for human murders.
  7. People leave the miracle and magic religions and move toward the reality-based life philosophies. The ancient superstitions against gay people and sex disappear.
  8. A century ago, people in the western world realised that public sanitation of the water supply, even though it infuriatingly also benefitted the poor, was the only way to ensure sanitation for the wealthy. I wish this same realisation hits again, that the world can only be disease free if disease if wiped out from every country on the globe. If you leave a little pocket to fester in India or some hell hole in Africa, it will come back later. Disease is no respecter of national boundaries. All the ancient plagues will go, syphilis, gonorrhea, cholera, polio, dengue, yellow fever, guinea worm, river blindness, leprosy, malaria and well the modern ones eubola and AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome).
  9. Every person on earth has enough food to live, a clean place to sleep, safe water to drink and medicine when sick. This is guaranteed just for being a human. For all the other goodies, let the capitalist game play out.
  10. Women are freed of many of the restrictions of their gender. They are free to wear comfortable clothes to work and to forgo makeup if they so choose. There will be no pushing of young girls away from their natural interests because they are unlady like.
  11. Men are freed of many of the restrictions of their gender. They are free to tell other people how much they love them. They are free to cry in public.
  12. I wish that nations see that building more weapons won’t make them secure. What we need instead is a world federal government that owns all the weapons. It rules by law, just as Canada and the USA handle country-wide matters by the federal government and local ones by provincial and state government. Such a government would rule on such things as sharing sea-bed resources. It would have little effect on the individual citizen, other than to guarantee a set of basic planetary civil rights.
  13. I wish there is invented a technology that can rid the world of land mines. I wish that every person who ever planted a land mine miraculously has the tips of his two baby fingers amputated so we would all know who these bastards were and could shun them.
  14. I wish we could find out what causes some people to become so insanely greedy and that it become a treatable neurological disorder.

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