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The Key To Understanding

The Key To Understanding : Jai Michael Josephs : from Open Up Your Vision

Today the time has come
to go our separate ways
But we don’t have to say goodbye
I love you now as much
as I did yesterday
That part of us will never die
It’s clear to both of us
we need more space to grow
For life goes on and
nothing stays the same
And we can make ourselves
feel separate and sad
Or live in love
and see it as a game


Well, it’s the key to understanding
And opening up your heart
When you love me and I love you
We can each just play our part
And it’s the way to stop demanding
And find true happiness
When I love me and you love you
There’s no more loneliness
When I love me and you love you
There’s no more loneliness

I see us feeling sad
about the pain we shared
And worried we won’t make it
on our own
But I also see quite clearly
how strong we really are
And in our years together
how we’ve grown
Don’t fear the future
or cry about the past
Right here and now
we both are free
To live each moment
in harmony and love
With everything we do and see


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