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The Addiction Song

The Addiction Song : Jai Michael Josephs : from Open Up Your Vision

Now when your boss looks over your shoulder
With a cold, disapproving eye
And he says you’re wrong and you better
Shape up, ’cause you got no alibi
If you’re feeling afraid
when he’s yelling at you
And go off by yourself to pout


Then you know you’ve got an addiction
And it’s time to start clearing it out
Yes, you know you’ve got an addiction
And Sister (Brother), there ain’t no doubt
When you feel like you could die
If you don’t get what you crave
And your emotional demands they
Make you feel like a slave
You know you’ve got an addiction
And it’s time to start clearing it out

(third time only)

With Living Love It’s time to start
clearing, clearing it out

Now when you’ve already got your stereo
And your second color TV
But your best friend just bought
a brand new car
And you’re full of jealousy
If you’re getting so bored with the
stuff that you have
And you’re wondering what it’s
all about


Now when your life is rolling along
You’re doin’ what you like to do
And suddenly everything
seems to go wrong
Addiction’s caught up with you

Now when you come home to your honey
And you want to go out for some fun
But he wants to talk about money
And won’t let you leave til he’s done
If you try talking to him
but you get uptight
Until you’re angry enough to shout


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