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Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender : Mark Allen : from Oneness Space

Teach me 0 teach me
Sweet surrender
May I learn really learn to
Love it all
There’s — nothing to reject
there is beauty and wonder
in each eternal moment
here and now

I pray to deeply understand
Sweet surrender
May I have the wisdom now
To know what things can change
and have the strength to change them
and to see what things cannot change
and let them flow

May I forever know
Sweet surrender
May I learn what it means
to be free to be free
May I live in love
may I remember
everything has its beauty
but not everyone can see

I pray to deeply understand
Sweet surrender
I pray to have the heart and eyes to see
That good and bad and right and wrong
and pain and bliss and all
are all branches of the same tree
They’re all One in their real identity

Repeat first verse

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