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Let It Out/Let It In

Let It Out/Let It In : Jai Michael Josephs : from Open Up Your Vision


Let it out (Let it out )
Let it out (Let it out )
Don’t hold back
That’s the way the change begins
Let it out (Let it out )
Let it out (Let it out )
Don’t hold back
’Cause when you share the secret part
You open up your heart
to let love in
(Let it in ) Let it in (Let it in)

When you’re feeling hurt and lonely
You think you’ve got no place to go
You lock your sorrow up inside your heart
’Cause you couldn’t bear for anyone to know
And what really makes it seem so bad
Is the fear that you’re alone
But when you open up and let them out
You’ll find your fears
are just like everyone’s


When things don’t go like
you think they should
Deep inside you get so mad
But you bite your tongue and hold it back
’Cause you tell yourself
that feeling rage is bad
So you shut out everybody
And tell yourself that they don’t care
And all that does is make you angrier
But if you’re looking for the way out
just open up and share


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