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Let It Go

Let It Go : Summer Raven : from Ocean of Love


Let it go — let it go
And watch your life flow
Don’t let the good life pass you by
Let it go — let it go
It’s the only way I know
To find love peace and happiness
and rainbows in the sky

Don’t hang on to your problems
Don’t hang on to your tears
Lift up your heart with laughter
Now let go of all your fears
Where’s the happy ever after
You’ve waited for all these years
The answer’s locked inside your heart
A prisoner of your fears


Don’t hang on to your anger
Don’t hang on to your pain
Let your heart be like sunlight
After a summer’s rain
Don’t tell yourself you’re sorry
That you’ve lived your life in vain
Just give your life what you’ve got
The more you give the more you gain

Don’t hang on to life’s pleasures
Or the things you think you need
Tune into what you’ve got right now
Life gives you what you need
Don’t let yourself be trapped
By worry or by greed
When you enjoy each moment
You’ll know that you’ve been freed


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