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It’s OK To Be Me

It’s OK To Be Me : Summer Raven : from Ocean of Love

It’s OK to be me
All alone and in pain
Sittin’ under a tree
At night in the rain
I’m just doin’ my thing
And it’s my time to spend
And it’s OK by me
I’m my own best friend

Well the river don’t worry
And the seasons don’t care
Not one of these trees
Wants to go anywhere
It’s only a movie
And I’m playin’ my part
And right now this scene
Is a pain in my heart

It’s OK to be me
When I’m tryin’ too hard
And I’ve lost all my money
And I’ve played my last card
I can’t hang on to something
That I never had
And whatever I do
I don’t call myself bad

’Cause a person’s a person
Whatever they do
I can let myself be
If I let you be, too
It’s just our illusions
That keep us apart
I know that we’re friends
When I open my heart

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