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I Just Go On Loving You

I Just Go On Loving You : Summer Raven : from Oneness Space

I know sometimes it’s hard for you
To let yourself be free
’Cause I can feel the struggle
Deep inside of you oh yeah
I know that I can’t change your life
It’s up to you to be
What you feel
Is really you oh yeah


No matter what you say or what you do
I know my love will see me through
And I just go on lovin’ you
Yes I do
I just go on lovin’ you

I’m so close to what you are
’Cause you’re so much like me
I guess that’s why I love
To watch the things you do oh yeah
And I find I love myself
When I’m loving you
I’m just your face in the mirror
Laughing back at you oh yeah


I can see how you might think
I want something from you
But I don’t want to take
What you can’t give me oh no
I’m here to learn from what we are
And what we try to do
Just be yourself my friend
And you help me be free


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