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Everyone’s Been Blue

Everyone’s Been Blue : Summer Raven : from Oneness Space


It’s OK to be unhappy. honey
Everyone’s been blue and
Blue’s a pretty color baby
When it’s worn by you
It’s OK to lose your way my love
We’ve all been lonely too
It’s OK to be the way you are
No matter what you do

We thought when we were children
We could always make a deal
At a game called pleasing others
Learned which feelings to conceal
Sure would like to see you happy
But your sorrow’s just as real
And you can learn to love yourself
No matter what you feel


I know it kinda scares you
When you feel your spirit sink.
Just hang on to this chain of hope
There’s love in every link
You know I used to be so low myself
I drove myself to drink
Now I’m learning to accept myself
No matter what I think


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