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Beware what you tell yourself

Beware what you tell yourself : Summer Raven : from Oneness Space

Beware what you tell yourself
Children of light
Demanding and judging
Will alter your sight
And forcing your way
Always leads to a fight
`Cause nothing is wrong
More than anything’s right

Wherever you wander
Don’t leave love behind
Whatever you’re giving
Is what you will find
Accept what life shows you
Or live like the blind
The beauty or ugliness
Comes from your mind

When life didn’t please us
We made ourselves sad
When we couldn’t control things
We made ourselves mad
This kept us from loving
What we already had
What we want we call good
What we don’t we call bad

Remember our spirit
And follow your heart
We can make our own troubles
Or take them apart
When the tragedy ends
Watch the comedy start
In the story of life
You’re just playing your part

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