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Accept It

Accept It : Mark Allen : from Ocean of Love

Well there’s nothin’ to do
but accept it
It don’t do no good
to reject it
There’s nothin’ to do
but accept it
That’s what is, that’s what is
let it flow on
let it flow on
let it flow on

Whatever may be happening
in your life
It may be filled with pain
or fear or strife
When things seem just as bad
as they can be
Sweet brothers and sisters,
here’s a key


Change is the name of the game
my friend
Things never stay the same
my friend
There’s just one choice
we’ve got — ain’t it so?
We can reject it
and fight it
or we can let it flow


Love is the key
of which we sing
To love and to accept
are the same thing
Just beyond all those words
in your rational mind
Is an ocean of love
and it’s so easy to find


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