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Core Beliefs

book cover recommend book⇒Gathering Power Through Insight and Loveto book home
by Ken Keyes Jr. with Penny Keyes 978-0-915972-13-5 paperback
birth 1921-01-19 1995-12-20 age:74 978-0-940687-37-0 audio
publisher Love Line
published 1993-01-01
Informally known as The Methods Book gets down to the brass tacks. All the various exercises you can use to help get rid of addictions. It contains some template pages you could use to create a Getting Free Book diary.
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Ken does his deepest discussion of core beliefs in Gathering Power Through Insight and Love.

Core beliefs are hardened, rock-like thoughts and assumptions usually based on early choices and decisions than are likely long forgotten. Core beliefs are lies about yourself that you have swallowed e.g. "I am unlovable, I am ugly, I am totally incompetent". They then shore up thousands of addictions. You can go after core beliefs directly with consciousness focusing using a phrase such as "I am beautiful, capable and lovable". Using a click counter (sold in stationery stores for counting people going into a theatre), you can say that phrase 1000 times a day as you walk or jog.

A similar exercise is to alternate that phrase with the sixth pathway.

Possible Destructive Core Beliefs

About Yourself

About the World

About Relationships

You just keep going every day until it looses its punch. Eventually the phrase just feels too obvious to bother repeating. It typically might take a week. If nothing happens after two weeks, you probably have a phrase you too far from your current beliefs. It is just not plausible. You are not even intellectually buying it. Try a weaker phrase that is more believable, or try something more specific. You are trying to bite off too big a chunk of your programming at once. The alternative is just keep plugging.

The Laws Governing Core Beliefs

Core beliefs are hard for you to detect because they seem like blatantly obvious Truth. Your brain automatically filters out and forgets any counter evidence and carefully retains any supporting evidence for the belief. You will always attempt to prove to the world that the core belief is not true, while simultaneously trying to prove to yourself that it is true. There are three laws governing core beliefs:
  1. The law of Attraction : You will tend to attract people to you who will act according to your belief, e. g. you will tend to seek out or attract people who will tell you that you are ugly.
  2. The law of Projection : You interpret other’s behaviour to be what you believe, e. g. if anyone rejects you, it must be because you are too ugly.
  3. The law of Manifestation : You set others up to act as you believe. You put others in situations where they are likely to say that you are ugly.

The good news is, once you change your core beliefs, your experience changes to match. Changing core beliefs is quite difficult. It feels like lying to yourself. It helps to get objective feedback from others to help you crack them. It may well be true you are not in the same league with Denzel Washington, but you are not so ugly no one could love you.

The main technique for repropgramming core beliefs is consciousness focusing with a phrase that counters the core belief.

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