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Consciousness Focusing

book cover recommend book⇒Handbook to Higher Consciousnessto book home
by Ken Keyes Jr. 978-0-9600688-8-3 paperback
birth 1921-01-19 1995-12-20 age:74 978-0-9600688-9-0 hardcover
publisher Love Line 978-0-940687-13-4 audio
published 1984-08-01
Ken’s classic. This is by far his best selling book. You can read part of it online.
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Ken does his deepest discussion of Consciousness focusing in Handbook to Higher Consciousness.

Your most deep-seated beliefs were burned into your brain by trauma or repetition, especially at times when you were highly emotionally charged. The theory is, you can changethem by working up high emotional voltage then pounding in the new programming with repetition.

I have found this process works best in a large group. Everyone else getting into their stuff gets you excited too. You can do it by yourself with a wastebasket with a sponge in the bottom. You crouch down and put it over your head. This cuts down the sound for your neighbours and amplifies it for you. You shout your new programming phrase over and over as loud as you can. Pound your fists. Demand with the strongest language you can come up with (it is OK to swear) that your mind drop the suffering and accept the new way of thinking. Keep stirring up the negative emotions. Feel the accumulated pain this ruddy addiction has caused you over your lifetime and all the suffering awaiting you in future if you don’t uplevel it now to a preference. Keep going until you are too exhausted to continue any further.

You need a reprogramming phrase that is pithy. As you get worked up you may think of better terser ones. Go with the one that has the most juice. In picking the phase, avoid these words not, must, even and will or any word that implies a negative judgement. State your reprogramming phrase positively telling how you want to react in future. Cognitive scientist Sean C. Draine discovered your subconscious cannot hear the word not. If you use it, the subconscious will hear the very opposite of what you intended. You have to believe the phrase with your rational mind. Here are some suitable phrases:

  1. I can learn to be happy with someone other than Jim.
  2. I can love Mom when she criticises me.
  3. I’m learning to accept myself when I eat a pint of Hagen Daz.
  4. I’m willing to burst out laughing when Netscape bombs.
  5. Its ok if Walter misses our date.
  6. It means nothing about me when Walter misses our date.

Here are some poor phrases:

  1. I don’t need anyone to be happy. (Stated in the negative; you likely won’t buy that rationally.)
  2. I can love my Mom when she’s a bitch. (Judgemental word just reinforces the old programming.)
  3. I will love myself even when I pig out. (Use of will; even when; judgemental term pig out.)
  4. I can remain tuned in centred and loving when Netscape Gold 3.0 running under Windows 95 issues a register dump and General Program Faults yet again. (Too verbose.)

Consciousness focusing is a very powerful, fast method, though it knocks you off balance. At the very least, expect tears of relief and joy. Bring a box of tissues. Sometimes the sudden release of a major addiction triggers feelings of unreality. Ken himself had an out of body experience when he used this method on his jealousy addiction.

Consciousness focusing works best after you have thoroughly intellectually convinced yourself it would be a good idea to get rid of the addiction, that you would definitely be better off without it. You don’t want any last minute reservations coming up once you raise your emotional the voltage.

You can also do consciousness focusing in a quiet way, just repeating the phrase over and over to yourself meditatively as you sit, walk, jog or ride a bicycle.

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