Handbook To Higher Consciousness
Chapter 25
The Purpose of Your Life

Chapter 25

The Purpose of Your Life

A first step in your growth toward higher consciousness is to see clearly the enormous expenditure of fruitless energy that you are now putting into living out your addictive programming. Every addiction you have programmed into your head will separate you and make you suffer to a greater or lesser degree. Your feelings of disappointment, irritability, anger, jealousy, or fear are giving you urgent messages: Here is an addiction that you must reprogram into a preference in order to live an effective and joyous life.

The remarkable thing about growing into higher consciousness is that it is only the release from the emotion-backed inner addiction that is required — you do not necessarily need to change your actions. If you are addicted to over-eating chocolate cream puffs, the problem lies not in the action of putting chocolate cream puffs into your mouth — the problem lies wholly in the circuitry of your biocomputer that makes you a slave to this inner desire. When you use the Five Living Love Methods for reprogramming your addictions, the outer behavior will take care of itself. You may from time to time eat chocolate cream puffs, but you are freed from an inner addiction that dominates your consciousness. You will not keep a fresh supply in the house. You will no longer let a large part of your calories be wasted on such relatively empty food with unfortunate consequences to your health. When you uplevel this addiction to a preference, you may still enjoy a cream puff from time to time — but you can also enjoy life if you do not eat cream puffs. And so the energy that was previously drained into an addiction can now flow into channels that add to your happiness and joy.

When you reprogram an addiction, you may find that you have no further interest in the external actions that you had been engaging in. Or when you reprogram an addiction and uplevel it to a preference, you may find that there will be no change in your external actions. For example, if you uplevel an addiction for not washing dishes to a preference, you may find that you are now able to consciously wash dishes. Your addictive programming will no longer operate to make you unhappy when you are doing this necessary job.

The Living Love Way to Higher Consciousness does not teach you to repress the emotional programming that separates you from other people (for this causes psychosomatic diseases) or to express this duality and alienation (which is the traditional method of psychology and psychiatry). To go into higher consciousness, you must eliminate the cause of all feelings of duality, isolation and separation that keep you from loving yourself and everyone and everything around you. The Twelve Pathways, the Seven Centers of Consciousness and the Five Methods enable you to eliminate the cause of your unhappiness.

You begin to realize that a direct and rapid way to find happiness is available through using your negative emotional feelings to show you which parts of your biocomputer need reprogramming in order to enjoy every moment of your life. In the past, you have used the majority of your energy trying to control, dominate and change the people and situations in your life. Now this energy can be channeled into the Five Methods to get free of the addictions that keep one trapped in greed, anger and delusion.

And then a most remarkable thing happens. When you reprogram your addictions, you will find that you can love everyone unconditionally — including yourself. As long as people were objects to be manipulated to help you achieve your addictions, real love (unconditional acceptance of another person) was impossible. You now find that you can love in a profoundly beautiful way that you never knew’ existed before.

This new dimension of love produces a miracle in your life. For it now makes you open to new experiences, new people and new activities. When you begin to live in the fourth level of consciousness, you no longer experience any person or any situation as a threat. You find that you now have everything you need to be happy.

You will continually marvel at the way that the people and situations in your life are harmoniously functioning to meet your real needs. And your consciousness may go back to the day when you first discovered the Living Love book that helped to show you the way to bring about this miracle in your life. But did you discover it? Wasn’t it the people and conditions of your life that offered it to you — because of your openness? Trace the major things that have happened to you since the day you first began your conscious growth toward becoming a more receptive, effective and wiser being. You will find that you have interacted with the people and conditions of your life to help you make wiser and wiser choices that have accelerated your continuing growth into higher consciousness. We’re all on the journey together!

It feels so unbelievably great to be liberated from the consciousness-dominating barrage of desires, demands, expectations, inflexible patterns, models of how the world should treat you — addictions of every kind. Anyone watching you might see you doing more or less the same things you used to do, but there is a new you doing them. You still go to the grocery store to buy food, but you do it with a biocomputer that now permits you to enjoy every minute of the experience. No matter how many items you can’t find, or no matter how long you have to wait in line, you can no longer make yourself feel frustrated, disappointed, or create suffering of any sort.

Your trip to a grocery store becomes a beautiful experience. And your smiles, your helpfulness and your vibrations of love affect those around you. Your new non-addictive being changes the path of your daily doings from a tiresome drudgery into an energy-producing delightful panorama that passes before your eyes. You find that you have discovered that all of the people in the grocery store are awakening beings who are there to help you in your journey toward higher consciousness. And you have the deep satisfaction of knowing that by living a higher consciousness life, you are also doing the most (without any striving) to help other beings in their growth toward higher consciousness.

A beautiful thing about higher consciousness is that what is best for you is best for everyone else. When you begin to live on the Fourth or higher Levels, your radiant inner being creatively changes the feelings and actions of the people and the vibrations of the situations that you come in contact with. You give them the greatest gift of all — you tune in to them at the beautiful place that is behind their lower-consciousness games. You flow harmoniously with them at the place on the fourth level where they are pure love. And this can even be done with nothing more than a loving eye-to-eye contact or smile. By relating to that place in them where they are love, you temporarily put their consciousness into a higher place. This way of being, more than anything you could ever achieve externally in life, becomes the source of that feeling of conscious satisfaction about the rightness and the meaningfulness of your life.

A wonderful thing about the Living Love Way is that you can do it alone if need be. You can regard others as actors on the cosmic stage who are here to make you aware of your addictions. They are helping you by creating situations in which your emotions reveal the hiding places of your addictions. Regardless of whether they know of the inner work that you are doing, everything they do or say helps you grow into higher consciousness. Even though they may be driven by addictive programming that makes them irritated or hostile, you can use all of their actions, emotional expressions and words to help you become free of your addictions. And as you reprogram your biocomputer and liberate yourself, they will begin to notice the extraordinary joy, freedom and love that radiates from you irrespective of what they do or say. This transformation will be so unexpected and amazing to them that they will want to know what is happening inside of you. And when they ask, you can then joyously share the keys that you discovered for unlocking happiness.

You can show them how it is all found inside — independent of the changing world of people, objects and situations. And if they are ready to hear, they will be amazed at the simplicity of the method for growing into higher consciousness. It simply means up-leveling all their addictions into preferences. It will take them a while to really understand the awesome vastness of their addictions. But the results in increased happiness and ability to love will arrive so rapidly that they will know they have at last found the answer to making life work. And by helping themselves, they have now helped you grow even more rapidly toward the higher levels of consciousness. You will have been given the opportunity to explain it and you will have discovered additional insights you need for your growth. Their vibrations of growing love and expanded consciousness are helping you live in a more beautiful world. They help you liberate even more energy for your own journey.

As you learn to process all of your incoming sensory data and your thoughts from the higher Centers of Consciousness, the problems in your life disappear. As a result of living in the Love Center and learning to harmonize your energies with the energies of the people in the world around you, you are permitting the world to give you the optimal that is obtainable for you. This tunes you in to experience deeply the marvelous way in which your life is naturally rich and abundant. Your growing freedom from addictions permits you to increasingly love everyone unconditionally — including yourself. And your love kindles the love of other people. The energy of mutual helpfulness flows in loving relationships in a way that you previously obstructed by the subject-object way you treated the people around you.

Your constantly increasing flow of energy enables you to deeply feel that the world will automatically provide you with more than you need to be happy. You do not have to fight, cajole, force, cleverly scheme, or dominate your consciousness with comparisons of what is, what was, or what should be in the future. You may say, What’s the worst that could happen? And then you may say, Well, that would be all right — I can still live and be happy even if that happens. And you find that life usually has a miraculous way of giving you an optimal amount of whatever it is that you need to be happy, fulfilled and joyous.

Here’s some good news. It is not necessary to be one hundred per cent free of emotion-backed addictions in order to experience continuous happiness. However, you must be almost free of addictions in order to keep them from exerting a downward drag that produces the experience of unhappiness. Happiness is a general level of good feeling that you generate when life gives you what you are prepared to accept. This general level is not affected if you can quickly recover from any experience of fear, anger, resentment, irritation, etc. The state of unhappiness develops when an addictive experience goes on and on. This state becomes intense when you let one addiction after another pile up on top of you so that you are loading your biocomputer with several addictive models and expectations to which the world is not conforming. If, within several minutes or even an hour or so, you can get on top of an addiction, it will not usually affect your happiness level. If you trigger anger, for example, you can actually enjoy being angry for a short while. However, if you continuously make yourself angry, unhappiness inevitably develops because of the continued hyperactivity of your autonomic nervous system, the adverse feedback of the surrounding world and the overwhelming cumulative effect of subject-object relationships — with resulting lowered energy, lowered insight and lowered love. If you are now using the Living Love Methods to free yourself from addictive programming, you deeply know that your emotional feelings of separateness are simply vestiges of your previous lower consciousness programming. You will then quickly rid yourself of any current nonsense whenever you catch yourself triggering fear, anger, or irritation.

Thus perfection in eliminating all of your addictive patterns is not necessary in order for you to be happy all of the time. For example, to be an effective typist one does not have to be perfect, but one must be a conscious typist and be able to recognize and correct errors quickly and almost automatically. For most practical purposes, a page that has been consciously corrected on the spot is just as good as a page that was typed perfectly to begin with.

When you have achieved a high degree of proficiency at using the Living Love Way — when you see your life as a drama in which you use everyone and everything as a teaching that helps you to become more conscious — you will find that you will get to the point where small bits of your old addictive programming are just an occasional nuisance to you. When you live in the Fourth and Fifth Centers of Consciousness most of the time, an infrequent quick dip into the first three Centers is of little significance to you. Therefore, you don’t have to be addicted to perfection — just get on with your inner work. It will all happen at the rate that is just right for you.

When a person becomes an expert at emotionally accepting the here and now in life (and uplevels all addictions to preferences), does he lose his effectiveness in doing his part to combat social injustices such as war, prejudice, economic exploitation, environmental pollution, etc.? If one emotionally accepts everything, would he want to change anything? When one’s experience of the here and now is no longer generated from an urgent security or power consciousness, does the Love or Cornucopia consciousness enable a person to be a socially responsible member of society? Are anger, frustration and hatred needed to build a better world? Will love consciousness release the energy needed to create a paradise on earth?

As long as a person operates from the lower three Centers of Consciousness, he perpetuates the cause of all social injustice — the treating of people as though they were others, the subject-object attitude toward people, the determination to get what one wants without finding the us place and the inability to love people unconditionally. The person who lives in the Fourth Center may make an even deeper contribution to correcting the disharmony of the world than the individual who works from the lower three Centers. By one’s being and actions, one is correcting the cause of social injustice — instead of just treating the symptoms. Even though a person at the Fourth Center may carry a placard, write letters, attend meetings and do other things designed to encourage people to find the us space? He will do it from a love consciousness that may often be more effective in reaching the people that he wishes to change. A Living Lover is free to exert energy in either fighting the symptoms of disharmony in the world or to expend energy in correcting the cause of man’s inhumanity to man — which cause is always the addictions connected with the perception of life from the lower three centers.

A Living Lover continually experiences the beauty and perfection of the world. He understands that we create events in order to give us the experience we need to get free from the lower Centers. A Living Lover constantly experiences a harmony and love above and beyond the daily drama of addictive strife and at the same time he experiences the beauty and perfection of expending his energy to uplevel the security, sensation and power consciousness of one’s fellow beings into the Love Center of Consciousness.

It’s all perfect now and it’s also perfect to expend energy to effect changes! To the degree that the world reflects the actions of individuals experiencing life through security, sensation and power consciousness, the beauty and perfection of the world will consist of its ability to teach us what we need to know to uplevel our consciousness to the Fourth Center — both individually and collectively. To the extent that the world is populated by individuals who generate their experience from the Fourth or higher Centers of Consciousness, the beauty and perfection are reflected by the continuous enjoyment of the Cornucopia that life is giving to us.

As you get on with your inner work on yourself, you develop a deep gut-level confidence that the Cornucopia will happen automatically to the degree that you are free from processing your thoughts through an addictive security, sensation and power consciousness. You realize you don’t have to worry any more about enough loving friends, enough food and shelter, enough enjoyable things to do, enough sex, avoiding catastrophes that would ruin your life, keeping people from pushing you around, etc. Based on your experience, you gradually develop the feeling that when you use the Twelve Pathways as your guide in everyday life situations, you can totally rely on the flowing harmony of the interactions of your energy and the energies outside of you to continuously give you more than you need to be happy. You realize that you can just live your life in a gentle non-striving, flowing way. You realize that life is really set up to enable us to live happy, peaceful, fulfilling lives — and that it is only the automated dance of our security, sensation and power addictions that keeps us from experiencing that we have more than we need to be happy.

By getting rid of our emotion-backed addictions, demands and expectations that make us reject what is, we discover that we can at all times enjoy the many strawberries that life is offering us instead of dominating our consciousness with the tigers. As we learn to totally surrender to what is, we at last find more security, more delightful sensations, more powerful effectiveness and more love than we could ever need to be happy. Then the Cornucopia of life unfolds in the most marvelous way — and we live continuously in a warm, friendly, loving universe that we have created by our higher consciousness.*

And so, hand in hand, we journey down the river of our lives toward the vast Ocean of Oneness that is our source and our destiny. At last we have the profound joy of knowing:

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In the audiotape Handbook to Higher Consciousness, you can hear Ken personally present many of the principles in this book. See page 217 for more information.

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