Handbook To Higher Consciousness
Appendix 3
How To Accelerate You Growth In The Living Love Way

Appendix 3

How To Accelerate You Growth In The Living Love Way

Here are eight ways in which you can enormously accelerate your growth toward higher consciousness:

  1. Reread This Book.

    On your first reading you will begin to develop an intellectual understanding. This is only a first step toward illuminating your life with the Living Love Way. To bring the words and ideas of the book into your moment-to-moment consciousness, repeated readings are absolutely necessary. If you wish to grow at the fastest rate, read at least five pages of this book every night just before going to sleep. If you do this constantly, you will be giving yourself a maximum opportunity to liberate the hidden splendor within you.
  2. Underline Freely.

    Underline every sentence in the book that is especially significant to you. These will be the parts that you are now ready to receive in your here and now stream of consciousness. This prepares you for your next step in opening toward a deeper acceptance and application of the Living Love Way in your daily life. And gradually more and more of the book will be underlined as a sign of your growing integration.
  3. Give Yourself the Benefit of All Five Methods.

    Let all of the Five Methods help you in your growth. If you find that you are not using one of the Methods, concentrate on that Method during the next month. To avoid imbalance and lopsidedness, you should use all of the Five Methods.
  4. Avoid a Spiritual Soup.

    When you find your spiritual path, put your full energy into perfecting your practice of the methods associated with your chosen path. If you constantly shop around, compare and experiment with different combinations from various spiritual paths, you may fail to get the benefit in depth that would be found by intensely devoting yourself to a single path.
  5. Surrender.

    Your spiritual growth will be directly correlated with the degree to which you surrender to the methods of your chosen path. And just what are you really surrendering? You are only surrendering the low-level programming that now keeps you disappointed, upset and unhappy in varying degrees.
  6. Intensity of Desire for Growth.

    Your complete inner dedication to your growth into higher consciousness is the single most important determinant of your spiritual development. Without an intense inner commitment, you are just a dilettante playing spiritual games. When spiritual growth is the most important thing in your life, the full miracle of love and oneness will unfold in your life.
  7. Offer the Living Love Way to Others.

    Remember that your life works better when you are surrounded by loving, fulfilled, happy beings. You will grow when you offer the system to others — but always wait until they clearly indicate an openness to receive your gift of explaining how consciousness growth works. You must be very perceptive in offering the Living Love Way to other people so that you do not create a duality when you are striving for oneness. Do not try to sell it to them or make them feel that this is the only answer to happiness in their life. This would probably trigger their resistance programming. Instead, offer it by sharing your experience in applying the Five Methods. Set aside all pride and let them see your inner struggle to work on yourself — but don’t insist that they should work on themselves in a similar way. Perhaps, without any words of recommendation, you might simply leave a copy of the Handbook on the desk of a close friend. As a part of your consciousness growth, learn to love everyone unconditionally regardless of whether he or she is interested in what you are doing.
  8. Attend a Consciousness Growth Training.

    By participating in a workshop, you will have the opportunity to work with other people using the Living Love Methods. Weekend, one week and longer trainings are given regularly at the Ken Keyes College in Coos Bay, Oregon and in major cities throughout the United States.

For information on trainings, other books by Ken, cassettes of some of his workshop talks and the location of local study groups in your area, write to Ken Keyes College, 790 Commercial Ave., Coos Bay, Oregon 97420, (503) 267-6412. no longer exists

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