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Software for setting up a forum system on a website. It lets users format messages with colour, bold, URLS, lists etc. HTMLValidator uses it for their support forum. Unlike a blog, messages are structured by topic with replies attached in a tree like way to the message they comment on. You can choose themes rather than having to hard code HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to get an interesting look and feel. They can host your forum for you. I could not find any information on what is required of your server to host it yourself. It is written in PHP (Pre-Hypertext Processor), as are many other such systems. That language choice makes it much more difficult for them to maintain a complex system without introducing bugs. Most PHP forum systems are notoriously buggy, but I have not noticed that with WordPress.

It is quite a nice system, but the support people are about as rude as they come. They are defensive mainly interested in denying problems or shirking responsibility. They want customers and potential customers to go away and not bother them. For that reason alone, I would not consider using them. One wrote me an email saying explicitly they were cutting off all further conversation because I was not a paying customer.

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