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In Windows BAT (Batch) language you can refer to all files in a directory as *.html or all files a?.html for all two-letter files starting with a. The way you specify such a group of files is called a wildcard. * matches any string. ? matches any single character.


Using cmd.exe as the command processor, or Take Command tcc.exe, wildcards behave in a way that may surprise you.

IntelliJ Idea under Windows

Using the IntelliJ Idea IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to run programs, wildcards behave in a way that may surprise you.

Bash under Linux

Using bash as the script processor, wildcards behave in a way that may surprise you. I am also told in Linux/bash you can subvert the globbing with \ quoting, e.g. \*.html Then your program will get the command-line parameters unexpanded. See parameter expansion in bash for more details.


It is probably easier to understand this by experiment than by explanation. Here is a simple tool to help you.

Converting Wildcards to Regexes

You can convert a wild card


This wildcard expansion mechanism is Mikey Mouse. It does not work for wildcards containing spaces. It is confusing for wildcards without matches. It makes it difficult to pass * or ? as data. I think the best way out is for Sun to provide an alternate mechanism to passing the entire command line completely unmodified.

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