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bat files

aka batch files, are scripts, originally for DOS (Disk Operating System), and later for Windows with the extension bat. You can write scripts to automate running a series of programs. GUIs (Graphic User Interfaces) have made this automation more and more difficult over the years. The syntax of bat files is revolting and amateurish. Take Command is an improved version of the bat file syntax. A program called cmd.exe interprets the text in a bat file and executes the corresponding commands. A bat file is not directly executable, though you can put its name on the command line and have a copy of cmd.exe interpret it for you. In the Mac world, you have AppleScript and in Linux Bash.

You can configure the layout, colors and other properties for a bat file by right clicking on the top bar and selecting properties. I presume the information is stored somewhere in the registry, but I cannot find it. There appear to be a few sets of properties in computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Console, but not one for each bat file. Does anyone know where they are stored? Part of what I am up to is trying to understand why colours don’t stay put the way I set them.

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