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Email delivered using a browser without a traditional POP3/SMTP email client. Webmail has three advantages:
  1. You can access your mail on someone else’s computer without installing any software, in particular at an Internet café.
  2. The mail provider handles backup for you. You won’t likely loose your entier collection of mail.
  3. You don’t need to learn a new program. The mail works in typical klutzy browser fashion.
In most other ways webmail is inferior to using an email client.
  1. It is much slower.
  2. There is almost no spam filtering
  3. Usually you are bombarded with ads.
  4. Usually, you can’t send or receive attachments easily. Yahoo allows you to.
  5. Your online storage is typically limited to a few megabytes. GMail is the exception. It is unlimited.
The main webmail providers are Google Gmail, Yahoo mail, Microsoft Hotmail and AOL. IAPs (Internet Access Providers) now often offer it as well such as telus.net and shaw.ca.

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