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Star Office
née Star Office Suite, (not to be confused with the successor free open-source version OpenOffice), was an office suite from Sun compatible with Microsoft Office. It was an enormous amount of software, 110 MB compressed. However, it was very spritely, faster than MS Office. It was free to educational users and $70.00 USD for home office users and as low as  $25.00 USD in volume discounts. It is not written in Java, even though it comes from Sun and is available for Windows, Linux and Solaris. It contains equivalents of the Microsoft Office suite including: The big advantage is StarOffice use published open file formats rather than proprietary secret formats the way Microsoft does. This means you can create and use StarOffice files in your own programs. OpenOffice is the free version. StarOffice and OpenOffice borrow code from each other.

If you look at an *.odt file with WinZip you will see it made of a number of PKZip compressed members: content.xml, current.xml, manifest.xml, mimetype, style.xml and thumbnail.png. Most of them are human-readable ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) XML (extensible Markup Language) text files. You can thus easiy write programs to extract data from the files or modify them.

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