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An opensource free office suite similar to MS Office, StarOffice and OpenOffice. The current version is 5.3.2 Last revised/verified: 2017-04-27 It runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS (Operating System) X and GNU/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, Suse…). I have found it considerable more stable and bug free than OpenOffice and MS Office. It requires BitTorrent to download unless you are careful where you click in the download box. Make sure you download the fresh version.

This is what I use myself. I find it the most bug free of the set.

In LibreOffice Calc you can add up a column with the formula =SUM(B1:B9)

The check for updates option does not seem to immediately notice updates. You have to download them manually. I find it works best to uninstall than reinstall, or it ignores the updates. If you have to select a minor, pick a download that ends in .msi. The map to find the closest mirror is useless. It gives you a number, but the mirrors are not numbered.

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