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O’Reilly Books
A publisher of computer books. O’Reilly tends to publish small terse books on narrow topics that cover that topic thoroughly rather than fat ones that try to cover everything.

The have line of Safari books you can read online.

They are known for line art drawings of animals on the covers, only vaguely related the book’s content something like this:

fake O’Reilly book cover

(This is not a real book).

O’Reilly makes as series of books called rough cuts. It gives you early access to content on cutting-edge technologies ’ before it’s published. It lets you literally read the book as it is being written. You can read it online, download as a PDF (Portable Document Format), or print.

O’Reilly has a way to let you read books online called Safari. It predates eBooks. You pay either $30.00 CAD per month for the standard version called Safari Bookshelf that gives you access to 10 books per month or $45.00 CAD per month for the deluxe version called Safari Library that gives you unlimited access to their entire catalog.

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