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Omnipage is Nuance’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. I use it myself. I found Xerox TextBridge reasonably priced and much faster and much more accurate than WordScan. They were bought out by ScanSoft who renamed themselves Nuance. Their current flagship product is called Omnipage. On 2013-01-29, when my bundled copy of Omipage Lite, that came with the Canon MP210 printer, disappeared, I bought an electronic copy of Omnipage 18.




Purchasing Omnipage 18

Purchasing it was a nightmare. The web form erased my order form three times. It kept increasing the number of copies I was ordering. Normally you download a product from a public URL (Uniform Resource Locator). You can take as many tries as you need to download it. Then when you buy it, all you get is a short activation key. Nuance gives you only one shot to download the 500 MB file. (Their Dragon product is even worse at 3 GB). My download immediately aborted and crashed my Opera browser so thoroughly it would not run again until I reinstalled it (Opera’s fault). To contact anyone at Nuance you must login. However, you can’t login until you are validated. Catch 22. If something goes wrong with the validation, you cannot contact Nuance for help. I never got any validation emails. However, if you wander around the Nuance website, every once in a while a picture of a live human floats up with an offer of online chat. This person will ask you a half a dozen questions, then say they are not qualified to help. They offer a phone number where this process repeats, with clerks asking you the same questions over and over all in a charming but difficult-to-understand Filipino accent. Conversely, they had equal difficulty understanding me. Eventually one clerk sent me a form letter explaining how to get a second try at the download. I downloaded successfully with Chrome. Surely failed downloads are a common problem. All clerks should be trained to send the email on hearing failed download. When clerks ask the standard questions they should type the answers into a caller record that follows as the call in transferred. Better still, download from findable public URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) and include it in the invoice in case it is ever lost. The registration process was similarly incompetent. I gave up.

When the program installed it replaced the C++ 2005 and 2010 runtimes with obsolete versions. Microsoft update automatically corrected the problem. The program did not work with the Canon MP-210. Troubleshooting was hampered by the fact during the install, the program configured itself to run only on one machine. I could not try it on the laptop. I eventually got it going. The problem was with the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port.

I still have not been able to register. I accumulated 3 passwords + a registration key during the purchase. When I try any of them, the screen erases my typing and displays the instructions in Chinese. It has got to the point my frustration is funny. Could anyone from Nuance possibly have done a test purchase?

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asin B004YTG200
Very accurate OCR software. Not only captures the text, captures the formatting. It will scan text in graphics files. Can export the results in 32 different formats including text, Kindle, Word, Excel, PDF or speech file. The price varies wildly. Shop around. features. It works with any Twain or ISIS scanner.
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