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network drives
When you have a LAN (Local Area Network), it is possible to read and write drives on other machines on the local network. Because of security concerns, it generally won’t work for drives out on the Internet. There are two basic methods:
  1. With drive letter mapping. You use the Map Network Drive command to map an unused drive letter such as M: to a drive or directory in somebody else’s machine. Click My Network Neighbourhood ⇒ drill down to the machine, drive and directory ⇒ click Tools ⇒ Click Map Network Drive. Thereafter you use the letter M: as if it were a local drive.
  2. With explicit server naming. You use filenames of the form:
    Here is an example of a BAT (Batch) file using the explicit server and share name:
    rem Using Explicit Server name.
    rem copy the G:\dl tree on the local machine to the roedyacer machine,
    rem to share name F (usually mapped to F:), and the dl directory
    rem Note, the share name has no colon, even when it represents a drive.
    xcopy G:\dl\*.*  \\roedyacer\F\dl\  /SEYD
For this to work, the owner of the drive has to do two things:
  1. Mark the drive or folder shared. He should select the drive in my computer ⇒ right click share.
  2. Under Advanced Sharing, give you permission to read and or write the drive. Without that permission, the drive will either be invisible, or will appear to be broken.


When either you or the machine whose drive you are using reboots, the connection is broken. It generally reestablishes the link without hassle if the server (the machine with the files) fires up first. So the simplest way to reestablish a link is to try a reboot. You can also try poking around in Network Neighbourhood using refresh to prod the connection back to life.

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