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The Malwarebytes company make a free and pro versions of their program Anti-Malware. It is a fairly simple program that works much like a virus scanner. It scans the executable files on your C: drive and removes any malware it finds.

It can also be configured to block you from visiting a malicious website with your browser.

My ISP (Internet Service Provider) recommended this program as best for dealing with malware, as opposed to traditional viruses. Their website, however, said their anti-ransomware software was still in beta.

The pro version adds scheduled scans. In the free version, you have to kick them off manually, something you might pull off with the task scheduler. So there is not much incentive to go pro.


Custom Scans

By default, MalwareBytes just scans your C: drive. To scan your other drives requires a custom scan. I had to get help from tech support to figure out how to one. There are places that look as though they should let you set up a custom scan, but they do not work. Here is how to do it:

  1. Click SCAN at top middle
  2. Click custom scan.
  3. Chick configure scan.
  4. Select your drives.
  5. Click scan now.

Quite often the SCAN button is unresponsive. Try exiting and restarting the program, or hitting one of the other buttons.


The pro version is not that different from the free version:

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