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version 10.5 of Apple’s OS (Operating System) X operating system for the Macintosh. Most changes are to the look of the desktop. You have stacks — icons that pop open displaying their contents in a fan (or optionally the traditional grid). The active window has a drop shadow. Cover-Flow while browsing folders lets you see a preview of the document. It can search all machines on a local LAN (Local Area Network). It has Magellan-like Quick-Look to let you rapidly view files without loading the full application. Time Machine is an incremental backup of your entire machine that backs up any changes every hour to on external hard disk. It lets you support multiple desktops that Apple calls spaces. You can move apps between spaces in the bird’s eye view.

Unfortunately, the Power PC Mac (OS X 10.4.11) does not support version 1.6 of Java, just 1.5.Java version 1.6 is available only for the new 64-bit Intel-based Macs running Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6). Apple supplies the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), not Sun. Last revised/verified: 2010-02-17 Java version 1.6 is available only for the new 64-bit Intel-based Macs running Leopard ( OS X 10.5). Snow Leopard is the preview of the OS X 10.6 expected out approximately 2009-01. Apple supplies the JVM, not Sun. Last revised/verified: 2008-11-22 Last revised/verified: 2009-06-14

Snow Leopard is OS X 10.6 for the Intel Macs. It has half the footprint of the previous version. It is available as an inexpensive upgrade.

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