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java.awt.Label is a component used to display decorative text on the screen to label some other component.

There is a fair bit of ingenuity in ways to make physical labels:

With java.awt.Label The user cannot ever modify the text, unlike TextFields. In AWT (Advanced Windowing Toolkit) you use Label, in Swing JLabel. Layout managers shift Labels about just like other components. End users can’t key into labels. For data entry, use TextFields or TextAreas. Note that you do not need repaint after a setText on a Label. Putting \n in the label text won’t give you a multiline label. You must use a javax.swing.JLabel. You feed a JLabel HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) containing a <br>. Similarly if you want to decorate your label text.

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Oracle’s Javadoc on Label class : available:

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