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JSF (Java Server Faces). A JSP (Java Server Pages) (JSP) tag library to make it easier for less experienced programmers to write web-based applications. However, the documentation is more opaque than a Malyian rain forest. I can’t imagine anyone but the most experienced programmers making any sense of it. Perhaps somewhere there are some accessible tutorials to introduce it. It has been compared to Struts. It is a higher-level and higher overhead tool than the competition. It does a lot more to handle data input and validation than ordinary JSP.

Here is what the JSF tags would look like to define a single field in an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) form.

JSP lets you mix tag libraries from many sources. Beware. JSF is not for high volume applications. It is 60 to 500 times slower than JSP.


book cover recommend book⇒Core JavaServer Faces, third editionto book home
by David M. Geary, Cay S. Horstmann 978-0-13-701289-3 paperback
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published 2010-06-06 978-0-13-701396-8 WebBook
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Also covers dependency injection.
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