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The JMS (Java Messaging Service) API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of classes that provide a framework for independent applications to communicate via reliable, scaleable, asynchronous messages over a peer to peer network. Java’s JMS supports the sending and receiving of both text-based messages and object messages. It lives in the javax.jms package. JMS uses the JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface) ( JNDI). You could think of it as a framework for building a reliable in-house email service, or an email service for programs as well as people.

Unlike regular email, there is no specified wire protocol. The protocol is a proprietary matter designed by the JMS implementor. Unlike regular email, JMS is point to point. Messages are sent directly to the receiving client without passing through any mail servers. As well as point to point messaging, you can have publish/subscribe distribution of messages, much like regular email listserves.

jMS supports an SQL-like query to the message base.

Implementors include: Oracle’s EE, JMS4Spread, mom4J, UberMQ, MantaRay, Naradabrokering, OpenJMS, JORAM, JBossMQ, Somnifugi, ActiveMQ, Active JMS, JFoxMQ, Open3, RM4GS, JBossMessaging.

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JMS Tutorial
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