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JDO (Java Data Objects). A Java interface to relational databases (not just SQL (Standard Query Language) ). It is somewhat higher level that JDBC (Java Data Base Connectivity). The corresponding query language is called JDOQL. Implemented by JBoss 4. It provides transparent persistent objects. I could in theory also be used on with PODs (Persistent Object Databases). It saves you the JDBC hassle of writing code to turn result set rows back into objects. Like SQL, the JDO standard has 22 optional features that you have to avoid if you want to remain vendor independent. Phht!
book cover recommend book⇒Using Java and Understanding Java Data Objectsto book home
by David Ezzio 978-1-59059-043-0 paperback
publisher Apress B001KU6OB8 kindle
published 2003-06-06
Comes with lots of sample code to use JDO.
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