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Java Blunders

This is a list of what I consider flaws in the design of the Java language.

Some of these problems could be fixed with an IDE or compatible language changes. Others, notably simplifying the precedence, would require defining a new language or an annotation to declare new syntax rules were in effect.

Leif Roar Moldskred

Leif Roar Moldskred posted his list of blunders:

Joshua Cramner

Joshua Cramner posted his list of blunders:

Now of the complaints you listed, I’ll make these points:

† One quote I remember hearing from a talk is a complaint that too many PL designers have never quite understood the value of a warning as opposed to an error.

Here are a few possibly idiosyncratic issues I have. I don’t anticipate th= at any except the last could conceivably be implemented.

Tom McGlynn

Tom McGlynn posted his list of blunders:

Gene Wirchenko

Gene Wirchenko posted his list of blunders:

Wanja Gayk

Wanja Gayk posted his blunder:

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