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an assembler to generate JVM (Java Virtual Machine) bytecodes. It was written as a companion to the a book known as the goldfish bowl book, but is officially called The Java Virtual Machine. Now Jonathan Meyer keeps the project alive.
book cover recommend book⇒The Java Virtual Machineto book home
by Joshua Engel 978-1-56592-194-8 paperback
publisher O’Reilly recommended
published 1997-04
Known known as the goldfish bowl book because of its cover. The book is frustrating because it spends so much time with the irrelevant Jasmin assembler and its syntax. You are interested in generating byte codes directly, not assembler. It leaves out much you must discover by experiment looking at generated class files, such as whether offsets are signed or absolute, where the base is etc. In its next revision, it should set the Jasmin aside in an appendix and include examples and more precise documentation on the binary formats. The book is still valuable because it gives a fair bit of background exposition you will not find in the vmspec itself. You would use this book to understand the VM, then the vmspec to actually write code that generated or modified class files. Out of print. You might want to read 9780201432947 Java(TM) Virtual Machine Specification, The second edition or the version for Java 7 online instead.
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