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JAI (Java Advanced Imaging). A package not part of the standard JDK (Java Development Kit) that lets you do advanced image manipulations, Photoshop sorts of things. It also uses MMX (Multi-Media extension) hardware in the Pentium to decompress and render images more rapidly than the AWT (Advanced Windowing Toolkit) can. It lives in the following packages: com.sun.media.jai.codec, javax.media.jai, javax.media.jai.iterator, javax.media.jai.operator, javax.media.jai.registry, javax.media.jai.remote, javax.media.jai.tilecodec, javax.media.jai.util, javax.media.jai.widget. JMF, in contrast, handles streaming video.

JAI supports *.bmp, *.gif (read only), FlashPix (read only), *.jpg, *.png, *.PNM, *.TIFF and *.WBMP.

Learning More

You can use the much simpler ImageIO class, that will for example let you process TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) files with ImageIO.

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