From Russia With Love

A Trump spokeswoman claimed there is no evidence whatsoever of collusion between Trump and Putin. If Russia hacked only Hillary and only leaked dirt on Hillary, and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) says the Russians are hacking and leaking to influence the election, it is obviously not to help Hillary win. It is to help Trump. Trump keeps bragging he mysteriously knows the contents of Hillary’s emails. Maybe he is telling the truth. Perhaps either the FBI or Putin leaked them to him.

What is Trump openly doing as payback to the Russians?

Trump is a child rapist and commits serial sexual assaults. It would be a snap for the Russians to get him on film for blackmail on one of his many trips to Russia. Trump admitted in the Access Hollywood tape that he has no sexual impulse control.

David Corn on Russia blackmailing Trump click to watch

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)