Trump’s Conspiracy Theory

Talking heads merely say you should not believe Trump’s conspiracy theory about a rigged election, but not why it is nuts.

Imagine a person who never changed his underwear, who constantly interrupted others, who railed against science, who stole, who swindled, who was a bigot, who was selfish to an unbelievable degree… He claimed that everyone was biased against him. What was actually happening is people judged him fairly and found him wanting. That is similar to why so many people in the media dislike Trump. They aren’t commanded to hate him. They do it naturally.

Of course the whole Democratic machine is conspiring against him. They put out ads mocking him. They are supposed to. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

But Trump is claiming the very voting process is rigged, that voter fraud is widespread. It has been refined over the years to make fraud extremely difficult. There were only 31 cases of fraud in a billion votes cast, nowhere near enough to steal an election. One of the big improvements was disconnecting the voting machines from the Internet. Trump’s conspiracy is of epic size and requires unprecedented levels of international co-operation. It includes Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Bush family, all media, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), the bipartisan agencies in each state and county that run the election, the world’s banks and the large American corporations.

Trump is fighting with his own party. 235 distinguished scientists have denounced him. He confessed on tape to being a habitual sexual predator. 21 women are accusing him of sexual assault. Katie Johnson is taking him to court in 2016-12 for rape when she was 13 years old. The RNC (Republican National Committee) is withholding funding. His campaign is falling apart. His poll numbers are just what you would expect. If they were above Hillary’s, that’s when you should suspect fraud.

Trump may well be clinically paranoid. On the other hand, Trump may simply be lying, preparing excuses for when he loses. He has such an ego, he always finds a way to deny failure.

Trump strategists claim the lie is intended to suppress the black and millennial vote for Hillary. Oddly, they are counting on more of Hillary’s voters believing the lie that Trump’s voters.

If Trump improves in the polls, you can be sure Trump will forget his grand conspiracy, and tell everyone now to trust the polls again. It will be amusing to see what lie he comes up with for the sudden collapse of this conspiracy of conspiracies.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)