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In the 1950s, Walt Disney set up a room full of moustraps and on each were balanced two ping pong balls. He tossed a ball into the room and a fission explosion ensued, with each ball triggering another pair of balls to fly into the air.

This is simpilar to what happens if you are not careful about Events triggering other Events in Java.

Sometimes, in your ChangeListener you change the value of the component that caused the event. This in turn triggers yet another ChangeEvent. Your app goes into an endless loop fibrillation. You will also get into this problem with Applet instances intercommunicating changes on a page.

I have put in an RFE (Request For Enhancement) to Sun asking them to provide ways to set components while temporarily inhibiting the triggering of new change events.

Redirect Fibrillation

A somewhat slower, but equally irritating fibrillation occurs when a website issues an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) 303 permanent redirect from URL (Uniform Resource Locator) A to B and simultaneously one from B to A. If you correct your website links daily, each day to must toggle between A and B. Even more pathological is a single redirect chain that goes in an endless loop.

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