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Amazon says is plans to deliver goods by drone. I would like to look at how that might work and some of the advantages and disadvantages and some of the problems that need to be overcome.

How It Might Work

  1. You register a GPS (Global Positioning System) location for the rendezvous in the middle of your lawn or your apartment’s lawn. It some delivery locations it would have to be on a roof.
  2. When the parcel is ready for delivery, you get an automated phone call. By pressing 1, you can accept the parcel in the next 10 minutes or press 2 to request a delay.
  3. You go outside to the landing zone and make sure it is clear for landing. If you can’t do that, you call in an abort.
  4. The drone lands and powers off. You punch in a PIN (Personal Identification Number) number on the drone, or on your cell, to get it to release the parcel.
  5. The drone takes off returning to home base for another parcel after it has determined there are no people within 3 metres (9.84 ft) .




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