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Java version 1.1 supports primitive control of the clipboard - the invisible chalkboard you use to transfer data between applications (or parts of the same application) with cut and paste. You can access what is in it, and put data into it. It looks more complicated than it really is since you have the data String, a Transferable object to contain it and the Clipboard object itself. Be thankful! It is three orders of magnitude simpler than the OLE (Object Linking & Embedding) that C++ programmers have to put up with. You don’t have to understand the following code to use it. Just clone and tune the following code. One catch. You can’t access the clipboard in an unsigned Applet. That is considered too big a security risk. Users can manually cut and paste to your TextAreas though and you get manipulate them with getText and setText.

A clipboard manager primarily lets you store more than one item in the clipboard. I have been using ClipMate since the the invention of the wheel, but it no longer is compatible with my Logitech mouse driver, Windows 7 and Opera. I am in the process of seeking out a replacement. Right now I am test driving Ditto. Promising features include ability to paste from other than the top of stack

ArsClip: free clipboard manager
CLCL clipboard manager: free
Clipboard Help + Spell
Clipman: clipboard manager
Clipx: simple free clipboard manager (top rated)
CloudClippy: allows exchange of clips between machines
Ditto: free buggy
M8 free clipboard manager
Review of various free clipboard utilities

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