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CANI (Constant And Never-ending Improvement) Tony Robbins coined the acroynm to encapsulate the life philosophy Dr. W. (William) Edwards Deming, the man who taught the art of quality to the Japanese. It emphasises continual small improvements.

The Japanese have a single word kaizen for constant and never-ending improvement. The basic philosophy is, if all you do is improve one tiny aspect of your life every single day, you will achieve mastery in uncommon time.

This is how I approach the Java glossary, just constantly pruning it and working to fix the thing about it I like least, in many small changes. I invite you to make your requests. You may have noticed my ongoing program to gradually replace the current ugliest icon on the site.

CANI Strategy For Writing Computer Programs

Here is my strategy for writing computer programs. It is based on  54 years of experience. My strategy is similar to extreme programming. My strategy could also be called CANI.
CANI Strategy For Writing Computer Programs
Strategy Advantage
Write the simplest possible application first. Leave out all but the absolutely necessary features. Leave out the UI (User Interface). Fake the UI with hard coded data initialisation. If you implement a bare minimum to start, you find out about any show-stoppers early on.
Make and maintain a to do list of the most irritating things about your program. Weight flaws easy to fix slightly higher than they would normally place. Missing features go in the list as well, based on how irritating it is not to have them. The process of improvement is endless. Whenever you have time to spend improving the program, you continue the same process. You can maintain that to do list any time you think of an improvement. Conceptually, the program is never finished.
Fix one problem at a time, working your way down the list.
  • If you add features one at a time, you are more likely to implement them in a well-encapsulated way.
  • If you add features one at a time, you avoid brain overload. You focus on just a small aspect of the program at time.
  • Poor encapsulation becames immediately apparent when you go to add a new feature. You refactor before the mess has had a chance to metatastisise. You get in the habit of constant refactoring to make life easier to add the next new feature or change.
  • If you add features one at a time, you are more likely to test them thoroughly.
Write Javadoc before you write the code. Before you write the code and as you write the code is the time you are most aware of the alternative ways a method might be implemented. Now is the time to document that and disabuse the reader of the other possibilities.
Refactor as you go.
  • When you discover a bug, often you can prevent future such bugs by clever refactoring. You find this out at the earliest possible time, when the refactoring job is still fairly easy.
  • If you refactor early, there is less work to do than if you let the problem fester.
  • If you refactor early, you get the benefits early, making it easier to add the new features.
If you have users, show them your protypes and alpha versions, not just the finished product. Early experience with the prototype will make you and your users smarter. The experience will inspire you to think of new features and discard or modify ones you planned to implement. It is better to find out about changes early before you waste time implementing.
book cover recommend book⇒Dr. Deming: The American Who Taught the Japanese About Qualityto book home
by Rafael Aguayo, W. Edwards Deming 978-0-671-74621-6 paperback
publisher Fireside 978-0-8184-0519-8 hardcover
published 1991-09-15 B003VIX1AY kindle
One of the most most thought provoking books ever.
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