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Replaced by Babylon, a free standalone translation program and a human-translate service $8 for 50 words.

Was a free service of Altavista to translate between languages or to translate web pages. You can translate any page on this website by clicking the  babelfish logo icon at the top of every page. With Babelfish, you can browse foreign language sites and make reasonably good sense of them. Buttons and other images don’t translate. If you fill in forms via drop down selections, that does not work since the translated names get sent back to the server. You can view the original page and fill in the data there, using the translated page as a guide. It handles translations between English and Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese and Russian.

The strange name for the service is a reference to Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy, both a movie and a book. Babel fish are a fictitious species of fish on a far planet that translate languages if inserted in the ear.

book cover recommend book⇒The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxyto book home
by Douglas Adams 978-0-345-45374-7 paperback
birth 1952-03-11 2001-05-11 age:49 978-0-517-14925-6 hardcover
publisher Del Rey 978-1-4472-3039-7 eBook
published 2002-04-30 B0043M4ZH0 kindle
Witty science fiction. You need to read it for the same reason you need to read the bible. People make obscure references to it all the time. Includes all five novels in the series. The original movie was excellently done if you don’t want to read.
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