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I could not possibly have written this glossary without a lot of help from many BIXen and Internet denizens, expectially:

Java Glossary Technical Contributors
Person Email Contribution
John Matthews how the ext mechanism works on Mac OS (Operating System) X.
Thomas Wagner of Germany
Jan Sinstadt of Switzerland
Kelly Boan modem standards
Stephen Satchell 28K modem standards
Alan Clarke of Hayes the more obscure CCITT (Comité Consultatif International Téléphonique et Télégraphique) standards
David Gleason email David Gleason how Java filenames work on GCOS
Chris Adamson email Chris Adamson signing keys and the Mac.
Patricia Shanahan email Patricia Shanahan the fast power algorithm.
Michel Gallant email Michel Gallant certificates and signing.
Mikael Fiil email Mikael Fiil certificates and signing.
Bill Wilkinson email Bill Wilkinson serialization.
Jean-Baptiste Nizet email Jean-Baptiste Nizet installing DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) and native classes in the Netscape directories.
Ilja Preuß email Ilja Preuß contributed thoughtfully to the why not debate on Bali, which in turn inspired me to think of more entries for the why do it.
Luke Webber email Luke Webber provided the info on Applet classpaths.
Dale King email Dale King RMI (Remote Method Invocation).
Venky Naganathan email Venky Naganathan ClassLoaders to run JNI (Java Native Interface) classes.
Mascha Loomis email Mascha Loomis ClassLoaders to run JNI classes.
Rob Rhead email Rob Rhead firewalls and ICQ (Internet Chat Query).
John O’Conner email John O’Conner fonts in Java version 1.2.

Hundreds of other people helped too whom I neglected to acknowledge.

There are also credits in the Unmaintainable Code essay the Gotchas essay and the sponsors essay.

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