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I am a new Military Wife

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

I am a new Military Wife : Annie W. : : 2009-07-09

I’m not emailing you to say that you are doing the wrong thing or the right thing.

I am clearly wanting to say this.

I am a new Military Wife.

It is hard! harder then i could of imagined.

He has been in the Army for years before we started dating.

I have known him for 2½-3 years.

He is as gentle as he can be.

The wives, friends and neighbours of serial killers invariably describe them as gentle, would not hurt a fly. You know you husband in the context of his home, not how he behaves in Iraq. Your husband enlisted for a job that requires him to kill people if ordered to do so. Kind, gentle people don’t put themselves in that position. They might sign up as medics, but never to murder people. Your husband is a serial killer, just as much as had he signed up for the Mafia. You may attempt to convince yourself that the people he killed deserved it, but he is still a serial killer.

he joined the army, not to kill or to be killed, not to rape or hurt anyone.

Sorry, but that is simply not true. When he enlisted, he signed on the dotted line that he agreed he would kill people for no reason other than that he was ordered to. Is his heart he must have been looking forward to a career killing because that is what soldiers do. There are tens of thousands of jobs that don’t involve killing people. Your husband passed them all over and chose one that did. You may argue his motive for wanting to kill is noble, but he clearly wanted to kill people. You husband already has killed or eventually will kill multiple people. He has already aided and abetted such killings even if all he did was peel potatoes. So he is not only a serial killer, he is a war criminal guilty of a capital crime because he aided and abetted an illegal aggressive war (a war where your country struck first unprovoked). You married a man who belongs on death row. Whether he is a big enough fish to be tracked down and tried is another matter. He is still a criminal. You are still a criminal’s wife who lives off the avails of his criminal activity. He has already broken the law. He is a war criminal, just as surely as the Nazis hanged at the end of WWII (World War II).

But for the simple fact he wants to be free, he wants other people to be free and have choices, to marry who they wisk, worship who they wish, come out of there home even in dark hours.

You don’t really believe that killing people makes them free? You don’t really believe that imposing puppet government on them makes them free? You don’t really believe that plundering them all their natural resources including oil and arid climate seed stock makes them free? You do know that part of the occupation is that they are not permitted to grow their own seeds. Those entire Iraqi genetic seed bank all now belongs to Monsanto. The impoverished Iraqis peasants have to buy terminator gene seeds each year from Monsanto, courtesy of the American occupational government. On the same day he announced the big widthdrawal, President Obama announced that all of Iraq’s oil assets will be auctioned off to American and European oil companies. True mission accomplished. You are just parroting cant. Think about it. What you are saying is nonsense. It conflicts with what you have seen with your own eyes and heard from your husband.

Yes, war changes everyone, but so does a death, in the family.

or a car wreck. I belive if he was going to be a killer, a heartless killer, he would be one here in America, but he isn’t.

Just what do you think he is doing over there? handing out candy? building schools? The army is not the Peace Corps. Their job is killing people. They do it primarily with long range weapons. They never see their victims. That is why they kill so many civilians and kids. Most of the people in the buildings you husband blows up or cleanses with flame thrower are kids. The average age in Iraq is 15.

On his way home a couple in front of him went over a hill and threw trees, to keep from killing a deer.

Hitler was a vegetarian and very kind to his dogs. That means nothing. You know you husband’s job is killing. How you possibly pretend otherwise? Your denial is as funny as a husband whose wife dresses up as a hooker, has a pimp and brings home fistfuls of cache, but insists since she is such a good cook, that she could not possibly be involved in prostitution.

The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.
~ George S. Patton (1885-11-11 1945-12-21 age:60), General
Your husband kills people for a living. That is what soldiers to. Ask him about what he was trained to do. It wasn’t to soulfully hold hands of the dying.
He stoped his truck in his uniform, ran down the hill to help.

Helping 1000 old ladies cross the street will still not compensate for murder.

He watched a man and woman die, he said the woman only could move her eyes and the man was dead on contact.

If your husband is such a saint, now that he has seen the horror of the war, he should stop killing people and have the balls to refuse to kill any more and come home and serve in prison as a conscientious objector like Lt. Watada. If he doesn’t he is a coward. He would rather kill innocent people than face peer pressure. The people of Iraq have done nothing to harm America. They have merely tried to oust an illegal occupation.

He didn’t handle it like a killer would act.

Get real! You sound like some dotty Sicilian mother whose son openly joined the Mafia. She insists he must be a good boy because he brings her flowers on Mothers Day. Your husband signed a contract to kill people. He has sold his soul to the US Army. If he refuses to kill, he can be jailed on even shot on the spot. That’s what it means to enlist. What more evidence do you need? Your denial is unbelievable. He has been stringing you along. He did not want you to know what a morally repulsive thing he was doing to satisfy his darker urges.

He cryed, i have never seen that man cry. He was terrifed, he couldn’t belive that life ended that quickly. To me thats not a killer, he could of drove on by, or if he was a sick minded as your puting them to be, he would of pulled then out of the car just to make the pain worse on them. NO! he didn’t. He tryed everything he could, called the hopstial to see if the woman was okay, she wasn’t she had passed. He won’t let me drive, at all because of that. To me a born(as you have used in your wrighting) killer would have certin things that would strike you as odd, or werid, that would lead you to belive they would be a killer. You might have stopped reading this.

Did you ever see the movie the Godfather? The Mafia dons did all manner of good and generous things. This is not evidence they could not have committed crimes. You have your husband’s signed confession of intent to murder. Read his enlistment contract. Have a look at some of the things his buddies have done in Iraq. Do you think they told their wives the details of what they did? They are not even permitted to. The army considers details of the killings classified.

Before ithought war was wrong, an evil thing that could be bypassed. I didn’t see them as killers. A dear friend of mine was killed, while he was dying his boot. I don’t understand why there are wars. i don’t.

If you invade somebody else’s country, you are fair game for being killed at any time, even while polishing your boots. Do you think it was wrong for the French reststance to murder Nazi occupiers caught unawares? American soldiers are occupying Iraq in a similar illegal fashion. Your country started this war for oil. The Iraqis were never any threat you you. You killed 1.5 million of them in the sanction bombings between the Gulf and Iraq wars. In all that time they never killed even one American. Surely you recall opening night of the Iraq war when the USA pummeled the residential section of Iraq with bombs. The USA met no resistance. Iraq had no army, tanks, planes, missiles or ships to defend itself. It was like shooting children in a barrel. I will never forgive your country for that. It claimed they were there to liberate Iraq from Saddam then slaughtered its civilians and occupied the country and stripped it of its resources. Saddam was captured on 2003-12-13 (14 years and 4 months ago). Saddam was hanged 2006-12-30 ( 11 years and 4 months. And the war continued without so much as a hiccup. The Iraq war was never about Saddam.

Butilove my husband, i do. He asked me once if i’d love him, if he wasn’t in the Army, yes i would.

That is sick! Effectively Would you love me if I didn’t kill other people’s kids. What does that say about what he thinks of you? He figures you must be some sort of Karla Homolka.

We are spending our first month apart for training. Years will be very hard to get by without seeing him. or him seeing our Children. Currently don’t have kids, i am unable to bare them. Failed attempts make things hard to look up.

This will sound cruel, but world will be much better off without you or your husband’s genes in the global pool. Further, it will be better off without you indoctrinating your children in your see no evil approach to life.

I have noticed some people change worse when they come back.

That is an understatement. Many need professional help for traumatic stress disorder. Many never recover when they relive the crimes they committed in Iraq in nightmares night after night. Then, of course, there are all the parasites, funguses and tropical diseases people pick up from an extended stay in the poor sanitation of a third world country.

I noticed my couisn that used to be a best friend, is to busy. Everyone on all parts of this war are losing innocent people. There are rappest here in the US! I don’t see thousands of website about them, but i haven’t looked and i really wasn’t looking for yours. I was looking for the % of men that don’t and do come back. Yes it worries me, it scares me.

Your husband knew perfectly well you would go through hell. He knew perfectly well he might never come back or come back as a vegetable, or without all his body parts. Yet he went anyway. What was the great attraction of Iraq? I suggest to you it was the desire to torture, kill, maim and/or rape with low chance of prosecution.

My husband running across the roof scares me, i know ill be terrifed. I have always wanted to be a medic, a nurse for the Army, so i could help both sides.

In practice you would be enabling war, but it is nowhere near as reprehensible as what you husband is doing. The people given priority to be patched up are soldiers who will go out and kill again as soon as they are ambulatory.

Both sides can/will have there killers. But both will have the ones that care.

If you could take the time and annoliage that not all Military people are killers they are people that took a stand, to defenting their Country and to help others.

Iraq did not attack the USA. It had nothing to do with 2001-09-11. It had no means to attack the USA. The USA attacked them unprovoked. It was a turkey shoot. It was a big bully stealing a little kid’s lunch (oil). The Iraqis have nothing but small arms and home made bombs to oust the occupying Americans. They have no means to attack the USA — no planes, missiles, tanks, WMDs…

Surely you know that. Why then did you try to feed me that outrageous self-defence lie? At first you seemed merely hopelessly naïve, but claiming self-defence for the extended occupation of Iraq takes the cake. Even you had to know that was a preposterous lie.

Thank you

I am a new Military Wife II : Annie W. : : 2009-07-18

You really didn’t take the time to what i was saying.

I am quite sure I spent considerably more time reading your message and responding to it than you did composing it. You did not even proof read it for typos and spelling. I simply don’t agree with your naïve belief that you husband does not and will not kill anyone.

Yes, alot the things you wrote, i understand. You picked apart everything i said.

and i noticed you have done that to others. You completly missed my point.

So i will say.

A cop? Why do they join, just to kill people?? Or do they try to help people?? What do you honestly think.

I think it irrelevant. Your husband is not a cop. You are just evading the issue. However, I will answer your question. Police kill, just like your husband, however, a cop’s job is to protect people. He is not even supposed to shoot criminals convicted of the most serious crimes. The only time he shoots is when those he tries to arrest shoot at him or when they are about to kill members of the public. His job is reduce the number of deaths. If he ever does kill someone, there is a major investigation and he will be in deep doodoo if he did not follow the strict guidelines. A soldier’s job is quite different. In theory, his job is to kill soldiers from other countries attempting to invade the USA. This has not happened since WWII. US soldiers today in Iraq, for example, kill people who refuse to hand over the world’s second largest deposits of oil. Your husband is a hitman and hired thug. He can kill anyone he pleases, for no reason, even children, women and elderly people. He is very rarely held accountable. The main difference from him and a Mafia hitman, is he gets less pay. They are both criminals who commit capital crimes. His job is to intimidate and kill people. Compared with a cop, he has much less training and very little responsibility. He can kill at will without much chance of immediate punishment.

You seem to be conceding that your husband does kill, but for some reason his killing does not count as killing because it is done in the same spirit that police sometimes kill. According to the dictionary, kill just means cause the death of Moral or legal considerations are irrelevant in determinining if someone killed another. You seem to think that if you personally approve of the killing, or because your beloved husband did it, it does not count as a killing. That is an eccentric use of the word, which clouds your meaning.

to have to kill in your Job, such as being in the Army, or being a cop.. There are risk that you will take.

Both jobs have risk, but they have quite different rewards. Cops get rewards seeing the law enforced and people protected. They get respect, even if they are not very bright or good looking. Soldiers get the adrenalin rush of combat and the fun of having the power of arbitrary life and death over others. This can be quite exhilarating for a loser like your husband. The soldier has slightly more conscience than the Mafia hitman or a nightstalker serial killer. He likes to fool himself he is killing for noble motives. So he signs up for the army who selects his victims for him and orders him to kill. This lets him enjoy the killing without as much guilt over it.

Even in a desk job, someone maybe the guy next to you kills most of the employes? Does that mean the guy got the job so he could kill them.

I don’t know what you are talking about. I have never worked anywhere or gone to school anywhere where the intent of the institution was to kill people. There are people who work in desk jobs devising nukes or hideous biological weapons. They too are sadists, like your husband, but not so visceral. I don’t approve of them either.

School shootings, i guess you now think that parents sign them up for school so there kid can be a mass murder? a rapist.?

You are only seeing in Black and White.

You are not making any sense. You husband signed a contract agreeing to kill people. In none of the examples you have given did anyone give such a clear intention of his desire to kill.

If you look in color, then you wil see more then you have ever seen before.

You are the one with your eyes glues shut. You married an admitted serial killer and you pretend he would not hurt a fly.

I pray God reaches out to you because you are one that needs him more then anyone i have seen in a long time.

I am trying to stop senseless killing. You are trying to cover it up. No modern god I have ever heard of would approve of what you are doing, except perhaps the Hindu god Kali. I could send you a high definition video of him killing and raping and you would still find some way to discount your eyes. Such is the power of the human heart for self deception. You will pay heavily for your foolishness. No good can come from marrying a serial killer.

You think your husband’s murders should be excused because he says they are ok and because a majority of Americans ignorantly approve of them. They are still illegal. They are still capital crimes. They they still destroy not only the lives of those killed but of all those who depend on them. The motives for them still have nothing to do do with defence and everything to do with controlling oil. Your lout of a husband has a thick hide that lets him create misery without conscience to slake his dark desires. That still does not make it right.

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