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Torture In Iraq

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Torture In Iraq : Rogerisi : : 2005-12-08

Interesting perspective. You say…

In this essay I hope to convince you that George W. Bush’s sadistic killing, torture and rape of Iraq’s children is both wrong and pointless. It must stop.

You might want to tell that to the witnesses in Sadam’s trial who are now finally getting justice rather than rape rooms, freedom, rather than tyrany, schools that teach their kids rather than prisons where their kids were housed so Sadam could use them against their parents to submit.

Just a thought.

Roger in HCMC, Viet Nam

Yes, it is ironic that Americans, in the name of stopping Saddam’s torture, have beat him at his own game. You Americans are using Saddam’s own torture chambers and Saddam’s own instruments of torture not only on political enemies, but on women and children. You Americans have added dozens of new forms of torture, e.g. rape dogs, that would make even Saddam blush. And finally, torture is so widespread now, that you Americans had to build a whole new string of dungeons for your perverted little games like anally raping kids in front of their parents and video taping it for your commander in chief’s masturbatory pleasure.

What point in stopping Saddam’s torture if you replace it with something worse?

You can no more stop or undo Saddam’s crimes than you can those of Attila the Hun. They are frozen in the past. What you can stop are the war crimes and torture going on now that have nothing to do with Saddam.

You also forget where Saddam came from in the first place. He was trained by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and then helped to power. So long as he handed over oil, you hypocrite Americans left him free to torture his people. You, Roger, are aiding and abetting, encourging and applauding torture with your propagandistic apologies and distractions from the torture going on now, the torture that you can do something about. You are even more evil than the Saddam torture apologists.

You Americans pretty well leveled Iraq and then you built a few schools for the PR (Public Relations) cameras and try to claim virtue. The mass destruction of sewage treatment plants, water facilities, hospitals, schools, churches and private homes was pure malice and far overshadows your pathetic sham reconstruction. What hypocrisy!

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