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Strong Words

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Strong Words : Gisli Gissurarson : email withheld : 2009-12-13

I would remove some of the strong words like Bush bullshit although I fully understand your anger.

Normally I aim to understate my points, or make them with humour, as I did with great success in my gay lib lectures in the 1970s. However, I am facing a new problem with Americans. They are behaving almost identically to the citizens of Nazi Germany, imagining their country, their soldiers and themselves are utterly faultless. For example, they persist in claiming their wars are for self defence, even though they all watched their own country attack Iraq and Afghanistan first, unprovoked, on TV. They are hypnotised to the point they defend torture, banned weapons and ignoring the Geneva conventions. It is as if the entire country has conspired to pretend not to notice the disappearing of the Jews. I need to go for the jugular, something akin to the mothers of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims intensely screaming at him. I hope that extreme emotion will punch through their somnambulance. If I can bait them to engage in debate with me, (to prove me an idiot or to shut me up, or to threaten me), they just might wake up.

I admire your courage in facing the human trash. They pin metals on baby killers! I wonder how they explain that to the family of Morton Berger condemned to die in prison for dirty pictures on his computer.

Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.
~ Matthew 24:23

Tell me about it (as we say in Canada). Look at the fuss over Tiger Woods (who committed no crime). What he did was nobody’s business but his wife’s. Americans try desperately to pretend that soldiers are a type of boy scout or firefighter with cloak of fake militaristic patriotism. They ignore the fact these same soldiers are torturing and killing children and peasants who have no possible means to harm America.

The human trash warmonger not only murders children under 18, for those lucky enough to survive, for those who the human trash has turned into orphans, they destroy their infrastructure and hence destroy their future.

They successfully de-fanged the once powerful civil liberty union in the USA, using child pornography as an excuse. Their mines and cluster bombs kill thousands and children by the hundreds. While they export weapons responsible for the death of 1500 individuals every day, (statistic dictates there would be a few hundred children), they are busy murdering dirt poor Columbians finding relieve from poverty for exporting drugs to the USA. How hypocritical can hypocrites get?

And then there is the violence from Hollywood, if it stands to reason that dirty picture leads to rape, shouldn’t the Hollywood films similarly lead to violence. Yet you can walk with a Hollywood film depicting children being torn apart and eaten by monsters through customs, but you may be facing jail time if you possess a picture of a sexy teenage girl in a skirt dancing around a post.

The young of every intelligent animal learns by copying its parents and other adults. Scientists tell us the evolutionary point of play is to teach us adult behaviours. If you give your kid a video game where the goal is to rape and steal, just what are you training your child to become? Perhaps my most controversial essay was on child pornography. The way people reacted reminded me of the Salem witch trials. They reacted to what they imagined the essay said rather than what it did.

I agree with you America is a despicable nation, however, there are lots of good Americans around, the problem is that they remain silent while being swamped by the human trash. What happens there concerns us all because the first thought crime prosecuted in America may end up chaining the whole world. The noble work by their founding fathers has been nullified by their own supreme court.

It reminds me much of Nazi Germany. Most people are swept along by the herd mentality. The bright ones are too afraid to speak out. They suffer under the delusion they are one of the few sane people left since they hear so few others. The Patriot Act, the wiretapping and the imprisonment on a whim have cowed nearly everyone. I live in Canada, somewhat more protected, but we too have a right wing hawkish, anti-civil liberties regime in power.

I once read an account of a Roman who lived in the decline of the Roman empire when the senate was utterly corrupt and society was coming apart at the seams, obsessed with sadistic entertainments. He was pondering how to live a decent life in such times. His plight reminds me of the predicament of intelligent Americans today.

Your website needs an artistic touch.

You should have seen it a year ago! I have been putting much more effort into improving the look. I don’t want it to look slick or corporate, but I also don’t want it to be so ugly or awkward it gets in the way of the content. I have been replacing the ugliest icons throughout and tweaking the style sheets to use less garish colours and fine tune the alignments. I commisioned a number of icons icons where I could not find anything suitable on the web. My budget is more limited than you might imagine. I aim for a slightly old fashioned hot oatmeal look. Artistic skill is not my forté. smiley  If you have specific suggestions on what to do, send me a shrunken screen shot with some notes as to what I could do to improve.

I would like to assist you in your attempt to bring sanity to the world, you may publish this email, but please leave out the email address, I am sending this through my company email.

Although somewhat questionable, I regard government aided killing murder.

All the best to you

Gisli Gissurarson

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