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Soon A Marine

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Soon a Marine : Michael Ball : : 2006-03-07

I am enlisting in the Marine Corps along with a bunch of my friends in a few years. I am upset by your site as it is filled with lies, ignorant statements and racism. I know you know that it is full of BS and I am happy you live in Canada, stay there.

Countering your anti-enlistment BS:

  1. Yeah, being killed is a risk. I have no idea what you are talking about in regards to abortion.
  2. Again, big risk. Ever heard of health insurance? Stop stating the obvious.
  3. Not many, Few. They now offer programs for that. I give money to homeless vets and beggers.
  4. There is speculation as to what causes GWS and not nearly half the soldiers died of it, get your numbers straight.
  5. One MAY be exposed to DU (Depleted Uranium). DU can cause cancer, It is rare if impossible for it to lead to child deformation. If you child isn’t deformed, it won’t effect their children.
  6. No, its not, at least not any more. It is not known whether or not they had WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) s, I suspect they did, but none of that matters now. Only an idiot like you would think Iraq would help with world domination. especially to a country that already dominates the world. We own Canadia BTW. Again, no pertinance.
  7. Again, collateral damage. Orders are not given to kill children or civilians, sad fact of war. The U.S. doesn’t use lethal force in insubordination. No sane Troop knowingly kills a child. Though they aknowledge if they have done so accidently.
  8. Torture isn’t supporter or condoned by the U.S. That was a few people who did make the prisoners do stupid things and who will be punished for it. Still the acts were far from torture in my mind. What is wrong with guarding someone?
  9. I am not even going to comment on that, you idiot.
  10. Another problem, but they are signing up to potentially die…
  11. Wrong. Also, it is gross you compare the Troops, many of whom who lost family to the Nazis.
  12. No, it doesn’t pay well. But not everyone wants to work at McDonalds like you. Also, housing, insurance and some money is better than living on the street. Life is also easier than working on minum wage.
  13. Iraq is actually a very beautiful country.
  14. Afterlife, getting desperate are we?
  15. I wouldn’t equate it to shit, but again, it is not too good. Everyone else but you idiots treat them with respect.
  16. That was 30 some years ago. Those people are screwed up. After the fact, that is what we are fighting for.
  17. Yeah, a lot like the mafia… Easy, lets see you go through training. the U.S. has slightly higher standards than Canadia.
As for the pics, yeah, there are some bad eggs, its unfortunate.

Soon to be Marine,


You think you are insane, but you already know that when you selected your email handle crazymjb. You remind me of somenone defending his intention to play Russian roulette every weekend by citing the odds that dodging one bullet are 83%.

You have no reasons for putting up with even those downsides you acknowledge. Why are you doing prepared to put up with them? Because, you are a sadistic bastard who likes hurting and killing people, that’s why. The military lets you get away with behaviour you would normally get life for.

I can only hope you are removed from the gene pool before you sire more moral and mental defectives like yourself or before you kill anyone. Ideally, you will get some feces-covered shrapnel in your brain, paralysing you and leaving you exposing yourself and drooling in a wheelchair the rest of your life as a message to others of the consequences of such stupidity.

The great irony is that, even though I despise you from the core of my being, I am the one trying to save your life. All your pro-military buddies are trying to trick you into throwing it away for nothing.

Nobody benefits from you joining the marines. You won’t be defending your country. You will be helping squash a revolution against a foreign colonial power in Iraq, not unlike the revolution that founded your own country.

Soon a Marine : Michael Ball : : 2006-03-08

Why don’t you add this argument to your page?

I don’t view myself as insane at all. I came up with that screen name when I was 10 and have used it ever since.

You are a psychopath. Here you are ranting on about killing people for no reason at all. You have no conscience.

I see risking my life for my country, my family and my friends(and you for that matter. You know very well that if the US was invaded by a large foreign power Canada would soon follow)

What a silly fantasy! Your grandfather risked his life to defend America in WWII (World War II), but what you are doing is gratuitous sadism. Iraq was disarmed. It was and is utterly powerless to harm the USA. You are merely helping Exxon steal their oil. You are morally on the same plane as a mafia hit man, worse actually, since your victims will be mostly children, the elderly and women.

slightly different than playing Russian roulette. By the way, the odds of surviving are 87.5% per game, if you factor in the weight of the bullet they go up even more. I would like to repeal my comment on the revolver. I was thinking of an 8 round unit. Either way there is still a >83% chance one will survive.

Even if the odds were 99.9% of surviving a single game of Russian roulette, if you make a habit of playing it every day, your odds of getting through two years without shooting yourself are about 1 in 2. The many small dangers you will be facing add up (multiply actually). You won’t dodge all the bullets At the very least the parasites and diseases will get you.

I see the above reason enough for putting my life at risk. I would hardly call my self a sadistic bastard who likes hurting and killing people. I am 16 and have never been in a fight, tortured animals, or even fired a gun. I see you as much more sadistic and violent wishing me a gruesome and painful death.

If anyone was doing the tricking of my friends, it would be me. I also would like to add I make sure they have more facts than they normally receive. That is how I found your site. I wanted them to know what they were getting themselves into by showing them pictures from Iraq and Afghanastan

Do you know anything about Iraq? What revolution was taking place?

I obviously know infinitely more than you do. All you know is the Republican party line. You have never bothered to read even a single account that was not written by the Republican propaganda machine.

I saw an opressive leader, dangerous to his neigbors and our allies, especially Israel. The country was firmly under his control. When Saddam was taken out of power the actions which resulted were against us and the minorities of Iraq. Sorry sir, but this insurgency is nothing more than the pre-cursor to a civil war. Did we go in neccesarily? Maybe not. If it weren’t for US troops there now, who are definatly responsible for a large amount of the civilian casulties(unintentionally), the resulting civil war would include the deaths of many more Iraqis than collateral damage could ever cause. Again, have you ever heard of Rwanda?

Freeing an oppressed people makes great copy, but it had bugger all with the actual reasons for the invasion. In my various essays, (which you might consider reading before trashing them), explain why it could not have been about Saddam and what it was really about. Maybe nobody told you, but Saddam was captured back in 2003. If your supposed reason for killing Iraqis is to save them from Saddam, that excuse no longer holds water.

I would like to conclude by saying you are one of the more ignorant, blind, rambling ass holes I have ever spoken to. You don’t back up anything you say with anything more than lies and when I prove you wrong you wish death and pain on me.

On the contrary. I back up what I say with hundreds of books, videos, photographs and newspaper articles. You have not even read my essays much less followed the links to the backup. You have proven yourself ignorant of even the most basic facts, e.g. the capture of Saddam.

Despite that, I still don’t wish death or suffering on you.

Why would you? I am trying to save your skin and stop you from doing horrible deeds you will regret to your dying days. I am not harming you in any way. You are on the other hand are contemplating child murder. That is a completely legitimate reason to wish that your you death would intervene to foil your plans.

Truthfully, I hope you somehow comprehend what you are saying and wake up, but it is clear to me that you are in some way mentally defective.

I would like to apologize for initially calling you an idiot without even talking to you, as that was judgemental. I would also like to apologize for saying we own Canada, but in essence we do. I am not unhappy about it, it is a very beautiful country. However, by you wishing death upon Soldiers, you drop to the level of our own Mr. Michael Crook, who himself is actually less of a coward than you as he gives out his personal information.

I wish those who kill be punished appropriately for the pain and suffering they dish out. It is no different from wanting other murderers, torturers and child rapists caught and punished. You keep forgetting this is as illegal war and if you participate in it, you are by definition an international war criminal.

So I feel comfortable in concluding that unless you are mentally ill, your a moron who simply doesn’t get it, or took a few too many broomsticks in the ass as a child.

You really do need some help and I hope you get it.

I am not harming anyone. You are. My opposition to the war it not likely to shorten my life or make me have a nervous breakdown. What you are proposing to do is. At the very least you will increase your own misery and the misery of your Iraqi victims, whom you claim to love so much you will lay down your life to liberate them. That’s outright schizophrenic! The only reason you are not locked up is because there are so many other people just like you, terminally stupid and deluded, a danger to themselves and others. So the nation chooses to deal with whackos like you by shipping you off to some hellhole to be killed rather than hospitalising you. The humour is, you are so stupid, that you go willingly!

I would also like to request you capitalize Marine, just as you would capitalize Canada.

That is thick. You deliberately mangle the spelling of my country, Canada, then expect me to treat your sacred cow with false respect. I don’t capitalise mafia, so I see no reason I should capitalise marine, any more than I capitalise psychopath or hit man. The marines were once defenders of America. That has not been true for over half a century. They are now hitmen for American big business interests. It is not just me saying so, it is Major General Smedley Butler, USMC.

Still a better person than you and still joining the Marines.

You are setting out to kill people never did you or your family any harm and who are not even capable of doing so. Bush lied at the UN (United Nations) to frame the Iraqis. His evidence proved counterfeit and his reasons for war were proved nothing but lies and dissembling. You have deliberately denied the truth to nurse your secret perversion. You are a psychopath. You are itching to kill kids so you make up this crap about defending the USA as the excuse for indulging your violent masturbatory fantasies. If persist in your twisted plan, I hope you are killed quickly before you create much misery for others. But even your death would create a lifetime of misery for your family.


Soon a Marine : Michael Ball : : 2006-03-09

Whats the matter Roedy, my response make you look bad (everything besides your java rant makes you look bad, though you overdo that too. Bill gates capitalized on an idea, he donates more money to third world nations than you could ever wish to, yet you still wish death on him. You sir, are the sadistic bastard)?

I quote from my essay on Gates. I have a fantasy of going to one of his public speeches, waiting for a quiet moment, then in my loud, ringing voice announcing to everyone present, You may be immune to ordinary justice, Bill, but you are still a shithead. Contast with what you intend to do, not just fantasise about. You intend to kill Iraqis, people who have never done you any harm and who are incapable of doing so.

Soon a Marine : Michael Ball : : 2006-03-10

Get over yourself. Maybe you didn’t propose killing Gates, but he is still a better person than you could ever be (how many billions have you donated to charity?) and that gets you heated.

I gave away everything I owned including a fully paid for four bedroom house to help the Ethiopian famine victims. Gates has given only a minute fraction of his wealth. Further, Gates earned his billions illegitimately by all manner of dishonest and illegal business practices. I earned the money I gave ethically. But Gate’s character is irrelevant to the matter at hand, your plan to go to Iraq and murder people, like Cheney and his blood lust spree shooting birds a barrel.

As for you being sadistic: I would love to to see the inventors of the all terrain vehicles dragged to death behind their infernal machines. Or what about this attack on me: Ideally, you will get some feces-covered shrapnel in your brain, paralysing you and leaving you exposing yourself and drooling in a wheelchair the rest of your life. No, but thats not sadistic at all is it?

Whether I am sadistic or not has nothing to do with whether you are, the issue at hand. I am not not the one about to launch a killing spree. You are. My hyperboles express frustration with idiots like you who kill others and indirectly kill others by destroying the planet’s ecosystem. I want you dorks to to stop your destruction. I want you to know how strongly I and others resent your irresponsible actions.

For all you know I could want to join the Marines as an engineer, or as a Medic (who have saved the lives of many many Iraqi’s and Americans)

Not bloodly likely, everything you have said have been rationalistations for killing people who did you no harm. There is no way you want to be a medic. You want to kill, You want excuses to kill. You want the blessings from others for your murders. Even if you did enlist as a medic, you would still be an enabler. Without the help of such people, the slaughter could not continue. Medic is not a noble profession M*A*S*H makes it out to be.

When it comes to the subject of me being a blind republican.

What I said was that all your knowledge about Iraq came from Republican party propaganda. You have done no independent research.

I just have to laugh. I am actually left leaning independant, and do not agree with a lot of what our president does.

Then you are not left-leaning. Even many right wingers are appalled at his behaviour.

As far as your articles, some of which I did read, on the 2001-09-11 attacks being faked, etc. I have written up 4 pages of notes against Alex Jones’ conspiracy.

9-11 has bugger all to do with the Iraq war. If you are planning something as drastic as murder, it behooves you to study up on whether there is even the tiniest justification for doing so. My conclusion after reading thousands of articles, is that there is none, zero. Every justification for such action turned out to be an admitted forgery, lie or dissembling.

He makes simple physics and logic mistakes any 6th grader could catch.

Me, stupid? I think not. I am an honors student in one of the best (as in top 5) school systems in America. Nice try though.

Your spelling is atrocious. Perhaps that just reflects on the deterioration of the school system. Your grasp of world events is naïve to the point of infantile. You make no distinctions between how people claim to be acting, or should be acting and what they actually do.

Here is another one of your many sloppy publishings in regards to America: No other country in the world has even a tenth the problem with gun violence. That couldn’t be less true. No other first world country has as even as much as a tenth of a problem with gun violence. However, other countries do have their big problems. There are many stabbing assaults in the U.K. for example.

That does not in the least refute what I said.

Now insisting that I want to kill children, even after I said I didn’t…

But that is what marines do. US forces have killed more kids than adults in Iraq. Despite your protestations, you are going to be killing kids. Their burning faces will haunt you to the end of your days. You are naïve as Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin.

That is just sad. Let me lay this out for you. The only way I would ever shoot a child is if they were an immenent danger to me or another Marine and even then I wouldn’t shoot to kill.

Read the emails from other marines who routinely kill kids and their rationalisations for it. Watch the Italian TV video that interviews American child killers. You can play a low-res version of the movie online click to watch click to watch click to watch. You can download a higher quality version of the movie with BitTorrent click to watch click to watch

You will be no different. Once you join the marines, you forfeit your right to make decisions. You do what you are told, or else.

If that child were to die, that would be the insurgents(in the case of Iraq) fault for telling the children to go out and shoot at armored and trained Troops. If I was ordered to kill children that weren’t am immenent threat to me, or anyone for that matter, I would be prepared to face insubordination. Good thing orders don’t go out to kill children.

In other words, you already have your excuses in place for your child killing. After all, you never know if a child is armed, so you have no choice but to blow them away; it is you or them right? But you do have a choice. You don’t have to go Iraq. The only advantage to going is you get to kill and rape kids and get away with it. In your heart of hearts, that’s why you are doing this. All your professed reasons are just BS. The kids in Iraq, in contrast, have no choice. You invaded their country. They have no place to go. You are chomping at the bit to go kill someone, anyone.

Just a handful had the moral courage to stand up to the peer pressure and the US military. There is no way on earth a shallow twit like you has that sort of gumption. You would just rationalise your sins away as you are doing right now, like the miserable little sadistic bully you are. What a creep you are, to seek out a situation where you could kill kids and get away with it.

Now lets get this I want to go to Iraq thing straightened out. I don’t. I want to be ready if America ever was attacked and needed to go into a defensive War. If I do end up going to Iraq, than so be it. Also, stop referring to it as a hell hole, again, it is someones country and some parts of it are quite beautiful.

Are you ever clueless! Reservists over 40 years old have been dragged off to Iraq. People who signed up were not allowed to come home even after their stints were up. Of course, you are going to Iraq, you idiot! What would be the point otherwise? You would not get to bully, rape and kill and get a medal for it.

Despite that, I still don’t wish death or suffering on you. Your response to that was why would you? Well lets see. You wish death and suffering on me and my friends and on innocent inventers who happened to make more money than you.

I have wished misfortune on you, if you persist in your plan to kill innocent people. It has nothing to do with money. It has about murder. You keep imagining I am furious with you for no reason. Did you ever see the trial of cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer when the mothers screamed at him in fury for cutting short the lives of their children. If you kill people, that’s how upset people will be with you for doing that. And further I too will be white hot furious with you. You are such a racist, that you seem to think the lives of Iraqis don’t count, that you can can treat them like clay pigeons for your amusement. You fucking pervert!

You are the one bragging that you are about to commit murder of people who have done you no harm. It is little different in my eyes from you saying you plan to climb a tower and snipe at shoppers. You are fucking nuts and I am trying to talk you down.

An eye for an eye? I respect that fact that you have rights to say that, so I don’t wish death on you for it. You realize half the stuff you say to me is just a bunch of insults repeated in different words: sadistic bastard, removed from the gene pool, your whole rant about my painful death, stupidity (in reference to me wanting to be a Marine) X2, psychopath X2, You have no conscience, silly, a mafia hit man(worse actually…), schizophrenic terminally stupid and deluded, whacko, you are so stupid, hit man, secret perversion(accusing me of having), violent masturbatory fantasies(accusing me of having), Need I say more? You know you are fighting a losing argument, so you just start accusing me of stuff, even though I have already proven you wrong.

If someone killed your favourite person in the whole world, what you have to say about them? It would be much stronger language than I have thrown at you. That is what you are planning to do, kill somebody’s favourite person in all the world, many times over. You keep thinking I am attacking you for no reason. I am attacking you to try to stop you from committing murder, the most serious of all crimes. It still has not sunk in you that you are planning to commit murder just of the fun of it, for no logical reason. You are nuts, whacko, terminally stupid and not deserving of life yourself if you indeed treat other people’s lives so casually, rather than just grandstand to tease. If you did those same crimes in the USA you would get the electric chair.

So I will say it again. I don’t want to kill anyone who is innocent.

Everyone in Iraq is innocent, you idiot. All they are doing is defending their country against an illegal invader. They have every moral right to do that. You have no right to invade or take their oil. The UN has declared your stinking war illegal. If you too go to Iraq, you too are a war criminal, no different from a Nazi.

By being in infantry, I will be right there an able to tell who I am shooting at. If you want to blame someone for the deaths of these women and children blame the insurgents, forcing them to act as suicide bombers and shooters.

Please talk to someone who has seen combat in Iraq to see how realistic your hopes for virtuous combat are.

More civilians have been killed by there own than by the U.S.

And you going there to kill still more people will improve things? Get serious! At any rate, that is another of Bush’s lies. Ask an Iraqi ex-patriot what actually happened.

Also, I am not debating the initial reasons as to why we went there. Maybe it wasn’t our business. But as you said, killers deserve justice and I seem to remember Saddam gassing his own people, women, children and elders…Intentionally. As the most powerful country in the world we have a responsibility to act as a police force. What is the difference between making the world a safer place and making my country a safer place(though I intend to join for my country). You can not deny that the world is safer without Saddam in power.

Even if that all were true, Saddam was long ago captured so you can’t very well use him as a rationalisation for butchering more Iraqis. You are one sick self-deluding puppy. You are like some child diddler in prison offering lame excuses to justify acting out his perversion. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being.

You should have a comments section below your arguments. I would like to see what people have to say about Me Vs. You, I think I would get the cake.

Some of my correspondents are sadistic child rapists who have gone to Iraq to indulge their fantasies, so they surely would cheer you on. Decent folk will be revolted that someone as sick as you is allowed to wander free.


I think you are beyond hope. You have a jones to kill someone. Nothing else matter to you. You don’t care about the morality or the consequences to yourself or others. You don’t even understand the most basic principle of morality, that killing is wrong. I just hope someone kills or seriously maims you first, perhaps even before you get to Iraq. A drunk driver would do. You don’t have to be killed, just sufficiently incapacitated that you can’t kill anyone else. In your case, even some medical condition such as AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) that prevented you from enlisting would likely suffice to put a stop to your murderous plans.

Of course, a moral awakening would be best. You could come to your senses and realise that you can’t kill people for vague reasons or for casual entertainment. You should only do it in extreme situations for extreme reasons. Even if you deliberately put yourself in danger, you have no business killing anyone.

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