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Fighting to Oust Saddam

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Fighting to Oust Saddam : Damian Holschwander : : 2008-03-05

im an american. and i just enlisted in the united states marine corps.

Most Americans claim to be Christian. Did’t anyone tell you the prime directive for Christians is thou stalt not kill and the punishment for violation is post-death eternal torture? You don’t even have the excuse of self-defence. You and your country picked this fight with a much weaker foe to steal control of their oil. You are not only a murderer, you are a bully.

i have never read something so completely ridiculous as your writing. first off ur an idiot masquerading as a writer, with all of your typos and words misspelled and used incorrectly.

I find that charge implausible because you did not cite any of my errors and because you made about 100 errors yourself in the giant single paragraph of your message. Perhaps you are mistaking Canadian spellings, e.g. colour/organise as errors. I find it highly unlikely your proofreading skills are substantially better than mine. If proofreading skill were a true measure of the validity of political opinions, I would have to rate yours at zero.

ur a joke. second and formost, are you fucking retarded? the things that you think make me sick. ur the biggest asshole i have ever heard. you have a sigh of relief when soldiers come home disabled or with a limb amputated. you think the soldiers are sadistic, look in the mirror you fucking psycho.

I rejoice when killers are wounded not because I enjoy suffering, but that suffering is what it will take to convince Neatherthals like you that hurting others is not acceptable. Only when you get hurt yourself does it begin to sink in what misery you have inflicted on others. That it what it takes to make people like you sick of war. Wars don’t end until enough people get utterly revolted by the killing and suffering.

im joining because some marines ive met i respect more than anyone.

Felons respect felons. Child rapists respect fellow child rapists. That you respect your fellow marines means nothing. You are a war criminal.

they are willing to give their life for their country.

That’s a stupid lie. Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan attacked the USA. American attacked them unprovoked in illegal wars. They present almost zero threat to the USA.

its different than defending your country. they will give their life simply because their country asked it of them.

Nazis were that stupid too. They attacked other countries unprovoked because they were just following orders. The stupid bastards were hanged at Nuremberg. Hopefully someday you too will by tried and convicted for your war crimes. The only charge used at Nuremberg to hang the Nazis was aiding and abetting an aggressive war. You are openly guilty of that international war crime. You thus deserve to be treated like an international war criminal, even if your country is temporarily in a position of military might to protect you from prosecution. You are openly committing the exact same crimes for which the Nazis were hanged, or put in solitary for life at Nuremberg. If all goes well, your life will come to that same unpleasant end that you so deserve. If Jesus was right, after that you will face perpetual torture.

thats patriotism and honor, something you wouldnt understand.

There is nothing honorable about killing just because you ordered to. Mafia hitmen do as much.

canada is in this war too,

Canada is not a combatant in the Iraq war. That is a basic fact you can easily check. Perhaps many of your other facts, upon which you justify serial murder, are equally invalid. Canada is guilty of the invasion of Afghanistan, but not Iraq. You can read about Canada’s improper involvement in my essay on Afghanistan.

and u sigh when ur fellow countrymen die, ur a disgrace to canada..

I rejoice when war criminals die. It does not matter what nationality they are, same as I don’t weep when child rapists bite the big one, no matter what nationality they are. Your murderous actions cause just as much misery to the planet as any child rapist. Have you even seen how much grief a family feels when even one member is killed? The grief goes on for decades. You will wipe out dozens of members of the same family in a day with one of your high tech toys.

im not joining because i secretely want to kill rape or torture.

Agreed. You make no secret of your desire to kill people.

i have no want to do any of that. i have requested and recieved infantry. why would i want that other than so i can kill and rape and torture as you think. its because i want to fight my nations battles.

In other words, you like killing people. You like aggression. Defence of your country plays no part in your motivation.

its because suddam has been killing raping and torturing the iraqi people for years, i will kill to free the people of iraq from his tyranny.

Huh? Saddam was captured on 2003-12-13 ( 14 years and 4 months ago). Further, even before that, the war was completely unnecessary since Saddam offered to surrender. George W. Bush turned down the offer so he could use Shock & Awe instead, bombing the residential sectors of Baghdad as an act of terrorism, to terrify the entire world into bowing to his demands. If your are fighting to oust Saddam, you have not been paying attention.

If you think you are fighting for freedom, wake up. You are fighting to impose a puppet American-controlled dictatorship on Iraq, one that has been selling off the assets of Iraq to American businesses for pennies on the dollar and turning Iraqis into economic slaves. Iraqis are not even legally allowed to use their own seeds anymore. They have to buy genetically modified terminator-gene crap from Monsanto, at inflated prices. Monsanto stole their entire plant genome and patented it with US military blessing. You are actually fighting for enslavement, you idiot.

it is not so i can kill as much as it is so i can give life. and im not joining because im gay. you think the dumbest shit ive ever heard. how about football players that are on the road all year tackling sweaty guys and showering with them away from their wives. must be fags right. that is a completely rediculous thing to assume and so is you saying soldiers join because they are gay. and what the hell was up with making kiddie porn with iraqis, i think ur confusing that with ur own fucked up fantasies man.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
~ William Shakespear (1564-04-23 1616-04-23 age:52) Gertrude in Hamlet Act III scene ii
and ur source, the woman at the bar, which is probably made up, saying the soldier told her he didnt care about killing foreign kids.
We are only killing arabs. Not like they are human. After all, I did kill 19 sand niggers in the first Gulf War and loved shooting each one.
~ Mark Johnson ,, 2008-02-18.

Maybe you think I made up Mark Johnson too. Why not ask him? Do you think I made up all those rabid feedback emails? Write the authors and check for yourself if they are as whacko as they seem. People will accuse me of making up your email too. Nobody could be that stupid they will charge.

then u saying this is what all soldiers think. i dont want to kill any kids man. i will, if he points a gun at me and it comes down to me or him, im not going to die. but im not wanting to kill kids.

That’s like saying, I don’t want to shoot deer, but I’m going out in the woods and wait for one to come by and if he does, I’ll blast him. If you seriously did not want to shoot kids you would not go to Iraq where you will be ordered to kill them. You might fool yourself, but you won’t fool me. You are fucking sadist and a child killer.

and ur an idiot for taking the words of one and assuming he is representing the beliefs of many, if that even existed. Its like man publishing a book about how stupid, idiotic, ridiculous and homosexual canadians are because of what i read in your website. because i know canadians arent all as fucked up in the head as you are and it would be dumb of me to assume they all are. and as furious as ur countrymen would be if they were associated with u, i am that u think soldiers are anything like this guy u made up. all in all, maybe u should visit iraq u coward, then maybe youde find the facts to write about instead of culminating speculations about something you know nothing about, or even better, one of your soldiers will shoot you, becuase hell they love to kill women and children right?

It is legitimate to generalise about marines since all of them sign up to kill kids. Whether they like killing kids or not, they put themselves voluntarily in a position where they will be ordered to butcher children, perhaps gun-toting children, or children hanging out near suspected enemies (actually victims), but children none the less. Just as anyone who signs up as a paratrooper can’t claim he did not really want to jump out of planes, anyone signing up today for the US marines can’t claim he did not really want to kill kids. Look in them mirror. That’s what a child killer looks like. Please slit your throat now before you do any more damage.

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