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Rape WTF?

Here is an email I received in response to one of my essays.

Rape WFT? : Paul Garibay : : 2006-03-07

HI. my name is Paul and i was reading a section called Do Enlist. I am shocked and angry about the stuff you have written about. Rape? loot? WTF (What The F*ck?)? Soldiers dont rape or loot! you can even take a fucking a weapon that you find on the floor. WWII (World War II) and Viet Nam was anything you can find in a bag was yours.

What planet are you from? Rape has always been an integral part of war. It is sanitised for the movies and officially illegal, but in practice it is the norm. Consider how many reports are coming out of Iraq right now about female American soldiers being raped. Even women capable of defending themselves both physically and legally are finding the rape situation intolerable. Iraqi women have no defence at all against the invading Americans. Because of the way Islam is so fanatical about rape, Americans get particular joy in destroying lives and ruining whole families with 10-minutes of sexual violence.

It is a matter of absolute power corrupting absolutely. Consider the recent reports of widespread rapes from soldiers stationed in Japan, where they are were not even occupying the country. If you give violent young men no legitimate outlet to women, they will rape, especially when they have been trained to think of their victims as sub human.

so who are the looters now? i have the up most respect for the Troops who have enlisted to the Military past and present. Everyone has their own Fucking reasons for joining. some want to travel the world some want to fight and some want to get money for college. Some people arent Born with Fucking silver spoon in their hand. My cousin was killed in Iraq May 1, 2003. He didnt belive in the War. He enlisted in the Army before September 11th. He enlisted because he didnt have the Fucking Money for College.

What a feeble and silly excuse! First, your cousin could have made a lot more money killing people working for drug dealers or the Mafia. Killing for the Mafia is still killing, but at least you won’t be killing kids or old people. Next there are many other jobs of last resort besides the military, waiter, clerk, fast food server, prostitute. None are as harmful to others or as dangerous to yourself as killing innocent people.

i cant belive you have come to the conclusion that troops who where the uniform have no respect so they enlist to get it. WELL FUCK YOU!!! im not for bush im not for this corrrupt government.

From your grammar and spelling, you appear to have dropped out of school. Forget college, you need to repeat grade 7. You will never get prestige from your knowledge or money, so you are attempting to get it illegitimately, by borrowing the military’s power to bully others.

But i am going to Join the Army Maybe after my first year of college or Maybe once Bush gets out, or Maybe when im done with college. I am enlisting for the History of the 101st Airborne because it something i want to do.

That is not a reason. That is simply restating that you want to kill people for no reason.

I want to do something not everyone can do. This page dosent mention Canada… Maybe this is why you write false information. no one gives a shit about Canada hell i dont remember hearing anything about it in my history classes.

Could that be the fault of American narcism? Americans talk only about themselves. If you want to learn about the world, you have to get out and read the press of other nations.

maybe ur French-Canadian and i dont know anyone who likes French-Canadians.

This is a mindless racist remark that will only bring contempt on you and your fooling notions. I am of Scottish, English and Irish ancestry. Canada wants desperately to keep the French in the Canadian umbrella. We love Québec and would not want to it separate.

do you even have an Army? i think the only Weapons in CANADA are Sporks.

I thought you said had never studied anything about Canada, then proved it with your silly French Canadians remark. How is it you imagine you could know anything about its military just by surmising?

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